Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TrenDing #278 with Azul & Chop Zuey

 Is impossible be wrong when you combine Azul with Chop Zuey.
This stunning new gown from Azul is pure beauty with delicate details, mesh gown with flexy parts,
the impressive detail in the belt that match the headpiece (I´m not wearing it in the pic)
and combined with Chop Zuey latest release, an exclusive set made for Miss Quan for the Miss SL
that includes the breathless necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring and the headband all filled with delicate flowers and gems.

 -AZUL- K'aalogii /Sakura (Limited 100)

ChopZuey MissSL Quan Am Set w/ Headband

Styling Card:
Pose by Posesion Classic
Location: SaNaRae Heaven Ocean
Swallow Judi Lipstick 01 Medium
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
/Wasabi Pills/ Irene Mesh Hair - Seafoam

Monday, June 29, 2015

SNEAK PEEK June Round #2

More from Sneak Peek Jun.


 [LaVian&C0] S/S15 RedLabel Shutup & Let Me Go

!!smesh ~ Pink Lace Loose Dress & Mules

Your Limo

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Oki, this is soooooo exciting for me, is  a dream come true!!!
Be in the vendors for a new release of Champagne is just AMAZING!!!
Thank you so much Enzo for this and Tyra for let me walk this amazing creation
in The Fantasy angels Show 2015.
Of course I´m adding all the vendors, so you can see the colors and the amazing work of Enzo doing them :)

I like to copy the NC of the release from Enzo, 
because who else than him can describe this celestial outfits :)

  Just when you thought that angels couldn't get any hotter, look again!  Ladies, if you seek angelic sweetness mixed with hot sensuality, then look no further!  CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture releases GILDED -- couture that will reveal your heavenly figure while raising the blood pressure of everyone who looks at you!

With dazzle, dazzle, and more dazzle, GILDED was recently unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angel's astounding Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition! Now you can own the rich saliciousness that GILDED provides.

GILDED's corset is multi-textured and feverishly fabulous!  The bra cups are covered in shiny spike embellishments -- both dangerous and seductive!  An alluring mesh thong is included.

Also included are a pair of cuffs with both glittering gems and spikes.  The audicious shoulder pieces, also containing gems and spikes, are both eye-catching and flashy.

The wings are so gloriously realistic in their textured detail that you will swear you can see the individual feathers.  

To complete this stunner, a headpiece made of chains, gemstones, and a single protruding unicorn horn -- lies flat against and adds the perfect finishing touch to the forehead.  Besides enthralling angels, use the headpiece and other pieces from GILDED to mix-and-match Greek mythological looks (the winged horse, Pegasus, would be proud!).

  Top Model, the stunning Lua Vendetta (MVW Venezuela 2014; Miss Vero Modero 2013), is featured on our Vendors for GILDED!  Available in Black, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver, and White.

GILDED is so very intricate its textures and design that you really must see it in person to appreciate all it has to offer.  

A mesh demo is available for you to try.  
Fly over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture today where GILDED awaits!

Enzo Champagne

for a glittering life!


Your limo with Champagne

SNEAK PEEK June Round #1

More from Sneak Peek Jun.


 appear - Ingrid Dress

*PC* Nonsense dress & headpiece

Your Limo


With new location and filled with a looot of WOW!!! creations.
Sneak Peek June round is here.



 .:JUMO:. Tropical Outfit Sepia

Your Limo

Monday, June 22, 2015

[VM] Blogger Search

The Instruments .::LUNA::. & Nya's

The new round of
The Instruments until July 20th.

.::LUNA::. Body Art

.::LUNA::. Body Art - Stark Nails - SLink

 *Nya's*AryaBoots Olive
*Nya's*AryaDress Olive
*Nya's*Arya LegWarmer Mustard

 Styling Card:
Swallow Judi Lipstick 02 Medium
.:JUMO:. Bronte Black Eyeliner 1
Magika [Hair] Restless+

Saturday, June 20, 2015



We recently released SPRING for the men, so how could we forget our ladies?  CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture proudly releases SPRING for all you fabulous, sexy fairy fashionistas, unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angels's breathtaking Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition!  If you are a lover of fantasy, tantalizing fashion, flowers, and fairy tales, you will not want to miss out on SPRING!
With a deliciously-textured mesh corset that clings to your every curve, and with flowers, bows, and butterflies along the bodice, over the right shoulder, and hugging your hips, SPRING is a sensual stunner!  A bikini layer is also included.

You will adore the eye-popping translucent, radiant butterfly wings that every angelic fairy must have to complete this spellbinding outfit.

And finally -- a standout floral wreath made of delicate roses and leaves -- fit for a princess!

Top Model and Founder of The Fantasy Angels, Tyra Eiren, appears on our vendors for SPRING!  Offered in the softest pastel colors of Spring itself (Blue, Green, Lilac, Pink, and Yellow), SPRING is chock-full of luxurious detail and luscious textures.  Get more than one color and enjoy combining pieces for a look that is you and you alone!

Enjoy your fairytale life and enjoy SPRING!


Your Limo

Styling Card:
Pose by Posesion
Location: *_* Bumbleberry*_*
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Dark Violet)
.:JUMO:. Paris Glitter Eyeshadow Violet
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
Noir Pack 03 ~ 08
*Milk* Hair~ Star Child

Friday, June 12, 2015

TrenDing #277 with Azoury & Oddity

Azoury exclusive for the Alice in Sexy land
From June 12 until june 26.

Like always this unique shoes originally made by Azoury
in mesh with a curious detail in the back, a key :)

Oddity latest releases are this sexy mini skirt buttoned in the right side in leather lace and vest in v-neck with zip and belt, all managed via HUD to change to 37 colors.

 AZOURY - Lady Rose Boots (Blue)
ODDITY Vest -Tina- Leather Lace COLORS [150505W]
 ODDITY Skirt -Kim- Leather Lace [150412W]
Styling Card:
Pose by DelMai
NOX. Shock Shadow [Sky]
Swallow Judi Lipstick 07 Pale
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
Noir Pack 03 ~ 08
[MANDALA]Milky Way Bangle/white

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TrenDing #276 with Finesmith & Vanity Hair

Special for tomorrow 55L Sales,
Finesmith have this classy dress with belt and also the necklace and earrings.

Vanity Hair latest release, a must have long hair style 
that works perfectly for a casual style or for a refined one.

Vanity Hair::Vamp Glam-Must Haves Pack

Kiss the prince

Once upon a time when a princess found her dreamed prince.
But a bad witch converted him in a Praying Mantis, yes not in a frog.
The legend say:
"If you wear a bridal gown from -Azul -, with an Bindi from MoonDance,
this adorable Praying Mantis prince from Azoury, will be an avi again"

Do you believe in magic?

 Mix of the -AZUL Bridal- Regina /Garnet
and the -AZUL Bridal- Regina /Onyx


 Moondance Jewels Mata Hari Elemntal Bindi Ice
AZOURY - Praying Mantis for The Chapter Four
Pose by Posesion

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pink Angels

Yesterday we had the "Fantasy Angels 2015 FS"
and was a blast!!!
The designers and models did an amazing work in an unique Fashion Show
like the real ones from Victorias Secrets produced by Tyra Eiren.

I had the pleasure of walk for 2 super brands,
one of them from my sweet Giulia, with this adorable creation.
All is included in the set; babydoll, bottom, flowers in the shoulders and headpiece and of course
the wings :)


Your Limo

LaVian Grand Opening Show by Solaris

SOLARIS Show Invitation

LAVIAN&CO Grand Opening Fashion Show

Date: June 7, 2015
Time: 2:00pm SLT

On Sunday, June 7th, the charming Fashionista designer SamanthaSJones will throw an intimate soiree to celebrate the LAVIAN&CO Store Grand Opening and launch of her 30 Pieces Summer 2015 Collection. The tasteful selection of day to evening separates combines subtle undertones with chic modern and youthful design.

Join us for an afternoon of glitz and glamour with a touch of whimsical charm as SOLARIS Models parade in this stellar collection of must have styles that will jazz up your wardrobe as Spring segues into Summer. When the show comes to an end, an after party with live Performance from Maarne. Plus free gift bags will be given away during the show!

LAVIAN&CO is a fun and elegant mix of ready-to-wear and cocktail/evening dresses. The brand is known for their perfect mix of tailored lines, and colorful fabric.

This show is produced by SOLARIS

Host and DJ: Esme Capelo
Scriptwriter:Desireme Fallen
Stylist: Locuala Madruga
Show Producer: Nice Wildrose

Part of what you will see today;

 [LaVian&C0] SPRING 2015 Talking Body

[LaVian&C0] SPRING 2015 Price Tag

Your Limo to LaVian


Media Contact:
Fuzz Lennie, fuzz@solarissl.com



SOLARIS... Where Fashion Revolves!

A Full Service Integrated marketing communications agency serving Second Life’s Fashion and Lifestyle Industries.

Our team has a proven track record of providing affordable integrated marketing services including public relations, social media and event production to Second Life’s Fashion Industry

We assist both emerging and established fashion, accessories, 
beauty and lifestyle brands their marketing needs.
SOLARIS has its own model group of SL's most experienced and talented models who assist in process of connecting fashion and entertainment with leading Second Life brands.

Some of the known and new events to be offered by SOLARIS include: Fashion Week, seasonal fashion presentations, Sneak Peek, a monthly currated fashion shopping experience, monthly Exclusive fashion salons and designer Exclusive runway shows.

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