Thursday, May 30, 2013

TrenDing #64 with LpD

New releases from LpD,
a nice comfy summer mesh outfit,
Top, jean shorts and big leather belt.
*LpD* - *Amelia* Dress Flowers 

Dazzling gown in rich textures and soft tones.
 *LpD* - *Fontana* Dress Beige

 Your Limo

Styling Card:
[sYs] KEIRA eyes  V2 (Mauve)
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
Vanity Hair:Vendetta-Merlot NEW
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth - Nude
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - brown
*MA* Odette - Encased Pearl Cameo
Vanity Hair:Vendetta Brown Sugar NEW

TrenDing #63 with Prism

Natalie is fresh, comfy and chic, super cute ruffled detail in the upper part 
and gorgeous painted flowers.

 Prism Natalie Dress Blue and Bracelets

Prism Natalie Dress Pink and Bracelets

Your Limo

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TrenDing #62 with Blueberry

Blueberry´s latest releases are fresh, lovely and fun.
Lot of colors and models to choose, showing you 3 today.

 Blueberry Jane -LONG- *Mesh* Beaded Dress Blue

Blueberry Christina *Mesh* Jumpsuit Beige Brown

Blueberry Cartoons *Mesh* T-Shirt Pikachu
Blueberry Mickey *Mesh* Denim Mini Skirt Black

Your Limo

Styling Card:
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - blue
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Bright
>TRUTH< Hollana - blood
[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood A (resize) Full Bright

Thursday, May 23, 2013

OrsiniRed for the Garage Designer Fair 2013

OrsiniRed is part of 
"The Garage Fair 2013"

This cute set includes the shirt, skirt and little bunny.
OrsiniRed Mesh Outfit Garage & Bunny Lima

OrsiniRed Mesh Dress Oh My Love Green- Gift Garage

Your Limo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TrenDing #61 with LpD

First of all I want to apologize for be a little AFK from SL and blogging, this week a lot of things in my RL, my mom just arrived on Monday after 1 year of not sawing her and my kids have a lot of activities before school ends, but here we go with a lot of posts during the next days :)

Two dreamy designs form LpD, the latest ones.
Soft, feminine, romantic feeling like a cupcake wearing them :)
(I don´t know why I say that lol but was the firs thing that come to my mind, I adore cupcakes hehe and the tones and textures reminds me a yummy cake :)
 *LpD* - *Kira* Outfit Sand

*LpD* - *Fiona* Outfit Blue

Your Limo:

Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow titanium
::Exile:: Crazy in Love:Cranberry
EarthStones Genie Earrings - Cognac Amber/Gold
EarthStones Genie Necklace - Cognac Amber/Gold
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - teal
[MANDALA]Hoshigaki Earrings/Denim Blue
(L) Blue/Turquoise  [MANDALA] [MANDALA]Anuttra Ring
>TRUTH< Dawson - tahiti

Friday, May 17, 2013

3 years Celebration at [sYs]

One of my fav brands and with a very special meaning will celebrate 3 years.
[ sYs ]
Congratulations Syane and Systi for 3 years of success,
you 2 are just unbelievable amazing with all that you did in this 3 years and now also with a CD, OMG

[sYs] celebrating its 3rd Anniversary !
At this occasion, we are proud and happy to announce that [sYs] first Music Album will be out for this event.
Cosmic Journey, a hymn to femininity in all of us ...
This project is the result of three years of work and pleasure, combining our two favorite arts: Fashion & Music. This was possible thanks to the magical world of Second Life and the positive energy of all those who have supported and followed us.
This album is so our way of saying thank you with all our love.

   for online listening :!music

[sYs] 3rd Anniversary : Schedule
Exclusive Gifts for Men and Women !
New Release !
First Album of [sYs] Music !

Join Us for the Party at [sYs] Mainstore & Theater on Second Life
12 pm SLT - Live Music : FADE OUT
1 pm SLT : Dj L3TO
2pm SLT : Dj Phoenix
3 Pm SLT - Live Music : Oblee


 Your Limo

Amarelo Manga Summer Collection

Feeling more in a casual chic style?
[AM] have a nice proposal for you, long classy pants and silk shirt.

 [Amarelo Manga] - Pants Juliana [Yellow]
[Amarelo Manga] - Blouse Juliana [Yellow]

Your Limo

Styling Card:
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - bronze
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth - Nude
>TRUTH< Moxie - sand

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Get Wild...

...with OrsiniSun new mesh tops and bottoms.
Wild animal textures and includes mesh bracelet, headband and even a cute iguana.

 OrsiniSun Mesh Outfit SunSun Giraffe

 OrsiniSun Mesh Outfit SunSun Zebra

Your Limo

Styling Card:
OrsiniSun Bracelet Madera Giraffe
OrsiniSun Bracelet SunSun Giraffe
OrsiniSun Headband SunSun Giraffe
OrsiniSun Mesh Iguana SunSun
OrsiniSun Mesh Panty SunSun Giraffe
OrsiniSun Mesh Top SunSun XXS Giraffe
MK OrsiniSun Jane 05 by Alge
/Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase - LONG - Wild honey
Exile::Independent Women Dark Reds
MK OrsiniSun Jane 04 by Alge

TrenDing #60 with Finesmith

New BangBang Set
by Finesmith

Yula´s imagination have no limits, when you think you saw all,
Bang!!! she came with a new fantastic set.

Finesmith BANGBANG Set Platinum
Bracelet, earrings, sunglasses, necklace and long necklace
Finesmith Nails Platinum

Your Limo

Styling Card:
Pink Acid Teeth & Ombre Lips - Sea Green
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - green
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - brown
/Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair - Chocolate mint
IKON Lucid Eyes - Eucalyptus (M)

MGB Paisley Daisy FS

 This Saturday, May 18th 2013
at 10:00am SL
Models Giving Back will have a Fashion Show
featuring the gorgeous creations of
Paisley Daisy
to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Not miss it and support the cause :)

Your Limo

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nya´s shop Opening

A new cute brand is coming to the grid this May 16th. 
Mesh outfits in a casual chic styling with gorgeous textures and fabrics.

Nya's Shop is officially opening on 16th of May 2am SLT
with a hunt called Nya's Mini Bouquet.

Hunt where 5 flowers can be found each containing one part of a full outfit.
This hunt will be on till 23rd of May.

A little peek about what you will see at the store,
I'm delighted with the textures.
Nya´s Etnic Multicolored Tunic Dress

Nya´sValencia Sweater Dress

Your Limo

Styling Card:
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - blue
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - brown
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth - Nude
>TRUTH< Kalia - sangria
>TRUTH< Kalia Flower - Mixed
EarthStones Groovy Peace Necklace - Multi
Pink Acid Sunshine Blush + Lipstick - Pink Rose
*elymode* makeup - A Little Drama - smoke 2
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - brown
::Exile:: American Woman:Tango
::Exile:: Independent 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Finesmith 1st. Muse Casting 2014

Last Sunday was the first Finesmith Muse Casting 2014.
Anigma Eulenberg
Astralia Resident
Belial7 Resident
Catlyn Sahara
Chloe Benoir
eavanya Firelyte
Gem Henly
Jamee Sandalwood
Joasi Odriscoll
Lucemia Resident
Misoindite Romano
Nariko Okawa
Nayomi Gartner
Precise Frimon
Tracy Lyric
Yashi Audion
YeriakTH Couturier

The Judges was:

Giz Seorn- GIZZA Creations
Agony Helse & KaoZ koba -  AKERUKA Skins
Draakje Dailey-
✭ Miss Bliss Beauty 2012 ✭ MISS V♛Netherlands 2012 ✭
✭ Gizza C.E.O.✭ BLVD C.E.O. ✭
Skip Staheli-  ART/ Fashion PHOTOGRAPHER.
Rusch Raymaker -  AVENUE Founder + CEO
Zenshi Founder + CEO + Creative Director 
embr@ce Founder 
Asia  Rae-Talent- Fashion & art photographer
Syane and Systi Cisse Owners and Designers of [sYs]
NyuNyu Kimono Designer/Owner Nyu & NyuConcepts

see all entries here-

Miele Tarantal (host)
Anigma Eulenberg

Astralia Resident

Belial7 Resident

Catlyn Sahara

Chloe Benoir

eavanya Firelyte

Gem Henly
Jamee Sandalwood

Jaosi Odriscoll

Lucemia Resident

Misoindite Romano

Nariko Okawa

Tracy Lyric

Yashi Audion

YeriakTH Couturier

Yris Pelia

Congratulations to the first 5 Inspirations:
YeriakTH Couturier (was the Top Voted by the Judges)
Catlyn Sahara
Tracy Lyric
Anigma Eulenberg
Nariko Okawa

See you in the next month.

More info

Celebrating Summer with ghee

~ghee~ latest fresh releases,
nice and comfy dresses ready for summer letting to show your nice skin ready for the tan.
Different styles, more casual or more chic to hang around or go to a sunset party.
 ~ghee~ Lucy 2

~ghee~ Lin Dress - Field of Purple

Your Limo 

Pic made at the Bluebell Fields, a special place created by a special person,
Edi, you have your heart in every inch of your land,
<3 br="" you="">

Styling Card:
Pink Acid Lacey Lips & Teeth - Purple
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - blue
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - brown
:: PM :: Etnia Bangles in Purple (R)
>TRUTH< Teddy - sangria
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Dawn (M)
>TRUTH< Kalia - sangria
EarthStones Genie Necklace - Spectrolite/Silver

Saturday, May 11, 2013


 New stunning gown by Sascha´s Design
Elegance and romance defines this gown, with a lot of option to wear the different skirts and attachments, create your desired look combining the parts.
Comes in Black and White.
 SAS - Eternally Black

 Your Limo

Styling Card:
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - blue
Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lip Gloss - Peach
>TRUTH< Eden - sangria

TrenDing #59 with LpD

New releases by my lovely Neve :)
Nice outfits, with mesh, casual chic,
different colors and textures.

 *LpD* - *Sugar* Dress Cipria Transparent
*LpD* - *BonBon* Bag Pastel Pink

 *LpD* - *Marina* Outfit Green-Black
*LpD* - *BonBon* Bag Black with decor

Your Limo

Styling Card:
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - bronze
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
FINESMITH Matbuja Platinum Set
Vanity Hair:Diavolo-Cinnamon NEW

Thursday, May 9, 2013

[sYs] for The 100 Block

[sYs] Outland set created for The 100 Block event.
Mesh pants with top.

 [sYs] OUTLAND - light blue

Your Limo

Styling Card:
[sYs] DJTALL soundglasses (F) - Opera (black/silver)
[sYs] VOGUE - ankle boots (white spike)
[sYs] EPSILON - Make up - Graphyc eyes (blue)
[sYs] EPSILON - Make up - lipstick blue 4
blackLiquid HAIR - Quiff black & white 1
Finesmith  TRUTH Set
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Crystal (M)

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