Thursday, January 31, 2013

Enjoy the Winter with SAS

Sascha's Designs released this chic warm set prefect for the still cold winter afternoons.
Mesh jacket and belt with fur sleeves and scarf that you can wear or not
and the pants and top to match.

 SAS - PooPoo White

SAS - PooPoo Black

Your Limo 

Styling Card:

*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
[[LD]] Cosmetics: Combo Shadow-Silver & Pink
/Wasabi Pills/ Lumi Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Golden
~ghee~ Marshmallow Dyed  Suede Over Knee Boots
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)
MISS-G gloves
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
*LpD* - *My Beauty Case* Bag Lilac
/Wasabi Pills/ Brrree Mesh Hair - Golden
Maitreya Radical Boots * Suede Suede PurpleTaupe
The Barok M... by sad*

Trending #28 with Finesmith & Sascha's

New romantic look fron Sascha's Designs to celebrate Valentines.
The Zerenade Gown comes in different options to wear, from short dress to the most stunning gown.

SAS - Zerenade Red

One of Finesmith latest releases is this stunning set
Delicate details in a variety of colors to choose.


Styling Card:
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Red 02)
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow titanium 1
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shadow
Vanity Hair:The Walk-Blonde
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

VM New Fur Coats

Keep warm, glamorous and sexy this winter with the new Fur Line from [VM]

Beren Fur Coat includes Fur Coat, Lace Top, Leather Lace, Ear Warmer and Boots. It comes with 6 different colors: White, Milky, Caramel, Brown, Black and Cream.

[VERO MODERO ] Chinchilla coat
[VM] VERO MODERO / Beren Skirt

Your Limo to [VM]

Styling Card:
BAX Soft Shine Pantyhose Nude 20 seams
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Orange)
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow french roast 1
""D!va"" Hair "Zaara" (Cat's eye)
BAX Ankle Boot  Black Leather
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green

TrenDing #27 BlackLiquid & [sYs]

New Hair by BlackLiquid
on sale from today (30th Jan) at the couturiers docks
Succulent hair for MVWRussia 2013

[sYs] New Jeans Opera
[sYs] JEANS OPERA F - coated denim copper
[sYs] UZBEK jacket (F) - tiger

Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow honey gold 1
[[LD]] Cosmetics: WILD Lip-Leopard
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
:: PM :: Animal Print Nails Brown
:: PM :: Grant Earring Tiger Eye Stones
blackLiquid HAIR - Succulent
N-core SOUL -Chained- XtremeHeel II "Leopard"
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[AM] Spring 2013

New Spring 2013 Collection from Amarelo Manga.
Elegant dress with semi-transparent lace detail in the top.
[Amarelo Manga] - Handbag Hula Hoop [Black]
[Amarelo Manga] - Set Livia

Nice and classy Blouses and high cut pants
with a super chic handbag in different colors to match.
[Amarelo Manga] - Blouse Antonia
[Amarelo Manga] - Handbag Hula Hoop [Emerald]
[Amarelo Manga] - Pants Antonia

Your Limo to Amarelo Manga

Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow honey gold 1
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
**NOYA** Face Make Up Lip Gloss1
/Wasabi Pills/ Nikki Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Golden
Maitreya Gold * Allegre Sky
[MANDALA]Omochi Necklace/Bathurst Red
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow honey gold 1
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
""D!va"" Hair "Chika4" (Type A)(Cat's eye)
- Sunglasses MANTESS / V1.1 - REDGRAVE

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baroque Gowns by [VM]

The Baroque Gowns Collection from [Vero Modero] is breathtaking.
Luxurious patterns and details.
Stunning details, elegant accessories,
a must have collection from [VM]


[VM] VERO MODERO / Ginto Gown
[VM] VERO MODERO / Gold Cape


Vero Modero is taking part of a few hunts this month,
one is the Tattered fairy Hunt
 and this is the gorgeous lingerie and wings that you will find.

Your Limo to [VM]
Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow honey gold
**NOYA** Face Make Up Lip Gloss1
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow french roast
Amacci Hair Pythia ~ Vanilla Blond
Tomorrow's Son Gld Earrings
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green
MS- Eye Dominance- Style 3
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow titanium 1
>TRUTH< January - sand
A Demure Daisy Choker by ChopZuey

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sara by Blueberry

New Sara Mesh Dress by Blueberry.
Super sexy perfect to go to the disco with a very nice back detail with crossed strings.
Comes in different colors and fits very good, show those sexy legs and go to partyyy!!!
 Blueberry Sara *Mesh* Satin Dress XS Pink

Blueberry Sara *Mesh* Satin Dress Beige

The Melissa belted denim mini skirt have a low cut and a big belt,
love how looks!
 Blueberry Melissa *Mesh* Belted Denim Skirt XS Black

Styling Card:
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow pink flambe
Amacci Hair Sphinx (streaked) ~ Butterscotch
BAX Foxy Boots Coffee
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
JCNY - 'DIVINICA' Collection, Hyper-Gems Stud
Vanity Hair:Florette-Blonde
[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood
 Lana Top SILK /plum by LeeZu!
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Light Pink)
(B Type/R)LEATHER SINRA Cuff/female/resizable/samurai Black
/Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair - Golden

Friday, January 25, 2013

News from [sYs]

[sYs] have a new impressive Mainstore filled with the out of this world [sYs] creations.
With New releases and the old ones but always the best seller ones.

The [sYs] OTESS hair is the latest addition to the growing hair department! It's a modern style featuring seductive side swept bangs with a dramatic cyber headpiece that will surely make you stand out!  Available in multi-tones with a Light Color HUD for a ton of light options.

The [sYs] DJTALL headphones will bring you closer to the sounds of the future! Made for the man and woman who desire an attention to style. 
 In an array of colors and options you will stand out in a digital world as you move to the beats.

The new Nekho Mini Dress in Light Blue
with the New [sYs] T-PARKER boots F - B.S blue

 The latest release the LOLAs Appliers for [sYs] Skins!  
Be your busty best in the sexy new appliers for the LOLA's!

And now for a SNEAK Peek for upcoming release!! 
The [sYs] OPERA Jeans!  A sexy skinny jean with coated bands to add a dramatic flair. 
They are the perfect fit for any style! COMING SOON!!

[sYs] is proud to be a part of the ZENSHI sim of shops and is offering an EXCLUSIVE design available only at this location and to the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group. Check out our sexy coated denim jeans!

Your Limo to [sYs] 

Styling Card:
[sYs] Redemption - Socks (Blue)
[sYs] KEIRA make up  V1 (Cyan)
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose (soft)
[sYs] DJTALL headphone (F) - Opera (black/silver)
[sYs] NEKHO Dress -  light blue (XS)
[sYs] OTESS hair - Black
[sYs] T-PARKER boots F - B.S blue (XS)
[sYs] DJTALL headphone (F) - Opera (black/silver)
IKON Eternal Eyes - Frost (M)

Neiva Kumasi Modeling Agency Open House

The Neiva Kumasi Modeling Agency Open House

is cordially inviting you to come join us this

Saturday, January 26th 2013

from 1pm slt to 3pm slt

We will have a Steampunk dance show for you at 1pm slt

this landmark will take you to the seating area:

We will also have an Open House party immediately following the dance show:

Also we encourage you to walk the grounds, get to know the models, dance and just enjoy yourself. 

Our dj for the afternoon will be DJ Soopa Uglee.

The steampunk costumes are provided by L+N-Signature-Designs owned by Love Fiertz

And we just might have some goodies for you :)) 

So come on by and get to know us.

Neiva Kumasi Modeling Agency
Misha Flanagan - CEO/Owner

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gretel by Azoury

This post is sad for me, because is the last for now for Azoury.
Mayhem is a wonderful woman and an amazing designer that always captivated my attention in SL.
Is one of the designers that I always wait for new releases, for her passion, creativity and versatility.
But is time for her to move on, she not abandon us, but she will do other things that she feel and want to make.
Just want to wish her and her hubby all the best in both worlds and hopping to see more from Mayhem around :)

Little tear because Thursday, January 31, 2013 Azoury will close the doors,
but happy for them in their new adventure :)
AZOURY -La Robe GRETEL Noire - Verte

So before is late here is the last release from Azoury,
this wonderful mesh dress that comes in a lot of colors
and I love the big bow detail.
So hurry to Azoury to get this and all the amazing stuff that May still have there for you.
 AZOURY -La Robe GRETEL Violette - Marron

Your Limo to Azoury:

Styling Card:
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose (soft)
[:ME:] Bea Eyeshadows (Gothic Smudge)
blackLiquid MAKEUP - soft pink glitter shaddow
[LeLutka]-SALOME hair - Toast
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Light Pink)
Purple Pink Glossy
EarthStones Pave Set Pearl
Vanity Hair:The Walk-Blonde
IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Eggplant (M)

Jamira by LpD

Jamira, the new addition to the "must have" outfit from LpD.
Big layered skirt in diff textures and fabrics to add a versatil look,
Nice comfortable mesh top in different textures for each color and addition of buttons.

Comes in Green, Black and Brown.

*LpD* - *Jamira* in Green

*LpD* - *Jamira* in Black
*LpD* MakeUp - *Lia* Only Eyeshadow
*LpD* Makeup - Lipgloss Cherry
Your Limo to LpD

Styling Card:
[LeLutka]-ELLA hair - Bournville
**NOYA** ANAIS2 - Ivory Platinum Skin - Celebration Gift
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow french roast
""D!va"" Hair "Daria" (Type A)(Cat's eye)
[MANDALA] Pearl Earring /white
[MANDALA] Pearl Rain  Bracelet/White

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emma by Entre Mares

Entre Mares always delights us with the rich lace textures,
soft layered skirts and delicate feminine details in the sexy but elegant gowns.

EMMA is the newest gown, comes in Purple, Blue, Gold & Silver.
With attachments that you can wear if you like.

 [Entre Mares] Emma/Purple

  [Entre Mares] Emma/Gold

 Your Limo to EntreMares

Styling Card:
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Bright
blackLiquid MAKEUP - purple glitter shaddow
CCD - Short Nails -  Precious - Purple
Vanity Hair:Neox HP-Blonde
IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Eggplant
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Natural
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose (soft)
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (CreamPeach)
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
""D!va"" Hair "Chika4" (Type A)(Cat's eye)
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TrenDing #26 !!smesh

New sexy mesh Leather Skirt by !!smesh.
Change colors via HUD and get different colors to match your outfits.
!!maci ~ Tank Top Fiord Blue
 !!smesh ~ Leather Mini Skirt
 Only @ the Marketplace

Styling Card:
~ghee~ Over Knee Boots Marshmallow
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Red 01)
[:ME:] Bea Eyeshadows (Gothic Blue)
***Chaisuki*** lashes 51
Vanity Hair:Closer-Platinium
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)

TrenDing #25 with Blueberry

New sexy cut-out jeans by Blueberry.
Spectacular mesh jeans with holes on the sides
in a variety of colors to choose.

Blueberry Alexa *Mesh* Cut-Out Jeans
Blueberry Cindy *Mesh* White Leather Jacket Brown Tshirt

Lovely mesh skirt with changeable color of the belt and zipper,
lot of colors to choose and cool colors to match the belts with HUD.

 Blueberry Lila *Mesh* Skirt Pink

Styling Card:
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose (soft)
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Mocha)
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow french roast
:: PM :: Grant Earring Tiger Eye Stones
::Exile:: Best of You:Autumn
aDIVA Couture Beyonce Knit Shirt Black
*LpD* Old Pink
::Exile:: Stay the Night:Autumn
The Whore of Babylon ChopZuey

Nuclear Winter @ GACHA

Gachas: ... most time, little cute looking machines, offering a choice of products for one price you set (lower than regular !!).
Goods are given by principle of contingency.
Designers who make copy and no transfer products often setup a extra gacha series.
Gacha items are no copy but transfer and can be given as gift, when you got one double, when playing.

You'll find different things like clothing, jewels and even furniture and for tinies too,
like for example:
[[A.R.C. + F.N.]] :
Skully Angel Ring (Blue Inlay #1)
Skully Ring (Green Inlay #2)
Key to my Heart Mouthy (gold/diamond)

 Your Limo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TrenDing #24 with LpD

YAY!!! New followers and we passed the 66.000 hits!!!

*LpD* my sweet *LpD* always with releases that I want in RL.
The soft and romantic Princess Dress in pastel tones,
mesh sweater and soft layered skirt with pearl details.

 *LpD* - *Princess* Dress Pastel Yellow

*LpD* - *Princess* Dress B.&.W 

The new Liv Coat is a must have, must, must!!!
Mesh coat in a stunning wool fabric,
hard will be chose the color you want,
mmmm maybe all of them? ;)

 *LpD* - *Liv* Coat Pink

*LpD* - *Liv* Coat Green
 *LpD* - *City Style* Boots Green
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense

 Your Limo to LpD NEW Location:

Styling Card:
Magika [01] Tomorrow
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose (soft)
Amacci Hair Pythia ~ Pearl Platinum
Eilifu Wht Set by ChopZuey
IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Eggplant (M)
Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * Black
Countdown.Isabella Stocking 2
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose
Vanity Hair:Candice Pony-Brown Sugar
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green (M)

LOU by Azoury

New amazing jacket by Azoury
I again have to say that I soooo LoVe this one,
particularly the neck part is just super elegant.
Different colors and sizes.

AZOURY - La Chemise LOU Verte
AZOURY - La Jupe Mellow Verte et Bleu

AZOURY - La Chemise LOU Noire
AZOURY - ANIMAL ( 2 ) - Jaune
 Tuesday, January 15th.

Your Limo to Azoury

Monday, January 14, 2013

60's is back!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to walk for ghee, 
a brand that I never used before but I really feel inlove.
The heart of ghee is the sweet Warm Clarity,
she has a gown collection that is a must have,
designs with use of amazing textures and special effects
that makes the outfits unique.

Today is time to fly back to the 60's
with this mini turtleneck mesh dresses with 
gorgeous patterns and the high boots to match.

 ~ghee~ Breton Goose  Turtleneck Mini Dress

 ~ghee~ Broadway Casual Turtleneck Mini Dress
~ghee~ Mustard Dyed Suede Over Knee Boot 

 ~ghee~ Black Truffle Dyed  Suede Over Knee Boot
~ghee~ Poppies Casual Turtleneck Mini Dress XS

Your Limo to ghee

Styling Card:
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose
*LpD* - Black Strong Kajal
HS : TeethRed/Purple [MANDALA]Anuttra Ring
>TRUTH< Aurora - sahara
IKON Eternal Eyes - Gray-Green
Vanity Hair:Damaris-Candy
::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Autumn

Sunday, January 13, 2013

[sYs] Grand Opening Party

YAY!!! [sYs] will have today January 13th  from 10:00 am to 1:00pm SLT
The Grand Opening Party

New Mainstore
New releases
and Funnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Se you there;

Your Limo to the Partyyyyyy

Monday, January 7, 2013

Florence by [VM]

More from the romantic Italian inspiration sets.
This time the Barocco set that has a corset that enhances your body
with a gorgeous fur neck attachment and a short skirt.

[VM] VERO MODERO / Barocco Black Set

The Rocco set is a romantic set that includes a lace top,
the skirt with a delicate golden trim and a nice bolero.
Boots included.

Your Limo to VeroModero

Styling Card:
[VM] VERO MODERO / Fur Skirt
[VM] VERO MODERO / Fur Glove
[VM] VERO MODERO / Corset Barocco
Blueberry Sherlie *Mesh* Boots Black
TuTy's Adorable - Hair Ash blonde
Black Storm Earrings  Chop Zuey
IKON Horizon Eyes - Light Green
 [VM] VERO MODERO / Rocco Lace Top
[VM] VERO MODERO / Fur Skirt
>TRUTH< January - dawn

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