Monday, April 30, 2012

Azoury @ The Culture Shock

Azoury will participate in the  Culture Shock
with " EGLANTINE "
 Yellow and Pink bags are 100% exclusive to this event.
Also can get them in green, orange, brown, purple, blue and red.

The second annual “Culture Shock” event in May 2012 (5th May – 26th May) aims to be an important event for the SecondLife fashion culture. 

Your Limo to Azoury @ the Culture Shock

Lynn by Entremares

EntreMares is always soft, romantic, feminine, elegant and why not sexy.
Lynn is the newest gown made in lace and sheer bodysuit with a nice high cut infront and back, with a mermaid skirt with semi transparent fabrics. To add a nicer detail, in the shoulder has a flower styled ornament and long tail.
This gown comes in four colors: beige, pink, white and yellow.

 Lynn in Yellow

Also check the gorgeous Dollarbie outfits, in long and short version:

Your Limo to EntreMares Mainstore 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vero Modero Spring Collection (2)

More from the Spring 2012 Collection from
Vero Modero

Clubwear, trendy, sexy and glamorous nights you will have with this new sets.
 Sinem Set Silver
 Sinem Set Pink

For a more casual and fresh look, try the Guliz Sets in different colors of sweaters.

Guliz Armygreen Set and Guliz Coffee Set
VERO MODERO / Mesh Seval Sport Wear
A lot of colors to choose and mix&match
They are soooo comfy, I just want to use them alllll day!
Shoes also, I'm wearing Green Cami with Pink Capri and sport shoes.
And the Blue set.

Your Limo to Vero

Friday, April 27, 2012

Here comes the sun...

Just until midnight the new ring, Here comes the sun,
will be on sale for 100L each, so ruuuuun to get all the colors that you like :)
(I'm going right now after post here)

As part of the color block bold summer collection
Finesmith released "Here comes the sun" ring in 28 colors or color change version.
Each ring have 4 metal options (gold, silver, roseplatin and copper) and resize.

Take your Limo


A long time I not blog for DK, but here we go again :)

DK subscriber gift is this cute short adorable cocktail dress
The new gown for the DK FORMAL available at the store of Sunshine agency  is a limited edition color that you will find at price of 10L only in that store.
10L? yessss just 10L and is gorgeous, show your legs and sexy curves

Styling Card:
Pic 1: !FP Lip Paint Screaming Orchids
Finesmith- Folieole necklace Blossom
[Shag] - Bombshell - obsidian Hair
Pic 2: ! FP Wilding Silver
Hair By truth
Shoes by N-Core

PULL & FACE PAINT New releases

New set by ][PULL][
Detailed hand painted silk shirt, matched with mesh belt and
cupcake* skirt in 2 tones, 3 colors to choose.
(*Cupcake skirt no idea why I wrote this but the skirt looks like a sweet cupcake for me, and I love cupcakes hehe)

][PULL][ Serria Dress in Dark Red
 with ! Face Paint Desire Red

Eve Express, Owner and Designer of Face Paint
released a new line of MakeUps, all are different to every taste and occasion.
From the most soft one to the most bright, from everyday to fantasy one.

! Face Paint Metallic Blue liner and Lash  w lip
! Face Paint Audry 7

!FP Raidy #3
!FP Spirit Makeup 2
 !FP Spring Pop 2

Want to see more? Take the Limo to Face Paint

Vero Modero Spring News (1)

A lot of new releases from one our fav and sweet designers from SL.
Show more, show less, go to dance, go to shopping, go to a date or just relax,
but do it with Vero Modero new super releases.

Elif Set with Green Shirt

 Elif Set in Blue

 Retro Dress in Blue 
Available for the Secret Sale for 75L, in different colors.

Fulya Set Beige and Black

Take your Limo to Vero Modero to see all the color options for this outfits, for new releases, special sales and group gifts, more from the new collection, tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[sYs] Spring Collection

Is not a surprise for me see [sYs] creations and be "WOWed"!
This girls never stop to amaze me with her designs.
The new spring 2012 collection is in store and you can get it now.
Avant Garde Syber Fashion, skirts, dresses, gowns,
jewelry, shoes and accessories.

[sYs] is proud to announce the arrival of the SPRING COLLECTION 2012! You will be astounded at the range of selection with brand new mesh creations, dresses, armour, bustiers, and more!  The collection is filled with a ton of new accessories like helmets, kneepads, earrings, bracelets, and of course eyewear. Come see the FUTURE!!

ALTAIS Top and Bracelets
VOGUE Whites boots
[sYs] ASCELLA - long skirt (white)
[sYs] AQUARIUS - earring L (white)
[sYs] JULY make up V2 (Silver)

 [sYs] CASSIOPE - long dress (black) size S - part 2
[sYs] HOLOTATTOO - ARMBAND (white) & Necklace
[sYs] VOGUE - ankle boots (spike) Black and Silver
[sYs] ALCANE - sunglasses F (white)
[sYs] FEDERICA make up V1 (cyan)

[sYs] MERCURY - pants
[sYs] VEGA - jacket
[sYs] VOGUE - ankle boots (spike) Black and Silver

The latest innovative collection from [sYs] Design has arrived. In an ode to the stunning male form, this complete  male collection features stylized armour for the futuristic fashion warrior. The collection marks the debut of the brand's first complete male collection launched at the recent Menswear Fashion Week 2012.

Your Limo to [sYs]

Styling Card:
Lua Nails by Finesmith
Vanity Mesh Hair
[[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Stacked Blanc 2w

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prism Spring/Summer News

I blog for Opium, and all that I receive to post it there I need to do it first Opium blog and after in my blog, so here we go :)

Incredible comfy mesh skirt and top by Prism.
Th Top is a bandana styled, tied in one side in olive green matched with the belt.
The skirt is soft like the silk, fitted to the body and long.
(Finally I can say that I have a almost same skirt in RL, also in color and I so love it, can’t wait to have summer to wear it, normally I wish have SL designs in my RL, but now I have it in both hehe)
Prism Yoko MESH Outfit by Journey in Tropics

The next is a elegant dress with half shoulder out, with a nice ruffled detail,
with flowery textures, fitted to the body and all is  included in the set:
Dress, sunglasses, banglets and even shoes!

 Sequoia by Journey in Waikiki

 Your Limo to PRISM
Styling Card:
Pic 1: Finesmith- OG necklace Earth
FINESMITH- Organic ring
Hair by Wasabi, Nails by Mandala
Sunglasses by PM, Shoes by N-Core
Pic 2: Hair by Truth, Nails by Mandala

Finesmith Back to Nature

New from Finesmith, BACK to NATURE Collection.
Nice wild jewelry bringing you the deepest side of Africa.
Pieces with metal elements have re - texture - gold, silver, copper and platina.
Leather pieces change brown or black.
woven straw/wicker- in 6 tones of brown and black option.
 FINESMITH jungle fever necklace female
Finesmith NailsL  French Taupe

FINESMITH african summer bracelet
Finesmith safari earrings and Bracelet


For Male too, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more:

Take your Limo to Finesmith to see the complete collection

Styling Card:
Hair by Vanity
Makeup by BlackLiquid and Madrid Solo
Outfit by AD Creations for Kenya

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fantasy Faire Review 3 and hunt

When I was asked to blog for the Fantasy Faire, I was jumping in one feet because I love mythical creatures, fantasy builds, things that in RL not exist but with the magic of SL are is possible.
Another designer that I'm honored to blog is:
FALCONROSE by Rosslyn Guardian,
another sweet lady that I meet in SL.

Her masks are just incredible, craft handled, piece by piece,
every single detail, texture, color is just perfect.

The 3 products for the RFL are:
CRETIS Mask & Headpiece
 This is a very elaborate, full head piece with long flexi veils. 
It is base on the look of Crete or perhaps Atlantis.

Super detailed floor lamps,
works of art, I'm delighted with them, wondering if can have them in RL :)

Another example of her amazing work:
Royal Rose Demi-Mask (red)

The masks intricate prim creations, no flat textures. 
Many of them are SL versions of RL masks I have made for many Renaissance Faires.

And another good thing:
A HUNT started today, so fly and do it :)
All sims are participatings.

Your Limo to Sirens Secret

Fantasy Faire Review 2

Today  bringing you another amazing designer that contributes with the RFL this year with her amazing creations
~Lost in Starnight~ 
Mermaid Fantasy outfits and avatars
by Ethereal Faerye.

I'm really impressed how realistic are her creations, every single detail is just perfect.

With my posts for the RFL I'm thinking in became a a mythical creature in SL :)

RFL-Limited Edition-Leafy Seadragon
with the siren tattoo

RFL-Limited Edition-Atlantean
This one is made to fit a male avi, but looks awesome in girls :)
Is modify so can fit your mermaid shape.

RFL-Limited Edition-Cloud Dragon
  Edition-Aquavariel-Just Wings
with the Cloud Dragon Tail.

Have fun shopping, remember that a lot of the items are limited edition
and you contribute with a good cause.

Your Limo to Sirens Secret

Styling Card:
Wasabi Mesh Hair, also in the Fantasy Faire Event
Poses by DelMai
Makeup by BlackLiquid and [sYs]

Tyra by Finesmith

This set was made for Tyra Eiren to her appearance in Miss Portugal pageant. 

Necklace, earrings and tiara.
*Fully menu driven- resize, bright control, gem oppacity control.
*14 gem texture change (diamond, smokey quartz, emerals, ruby, aquamarine...etc.)
*4 metal change options- silver, gold, rose platin and copper.

New gifts are ready for ~*FineSmith Jewelry*~ members
and also French Nails in light blue.

Your Limo to Finesmith

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miss Brasil live audition

Today at 3pm will be the live audition to select the girls to compete in Miss Brasil Virtual
organized by [Le Coute]

26 gorgeous ladies will be compete today to have a spot for the finals.

Your Limo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantasy Faire Review

Hi lovely readers :) hope all are great today, I have a killing headache but is normal in me lol and I need and want to show you the amazing things that the Fantasy Faire designers have for you.

Was hard to choose a theme to bring you,
because all have amazing designs,
but my little one love mermaids,
so I choosed to blog, Mermaids :)

Today I'll bring you the gorgeous creations from
Mermaid Treasure & Boutique

The items that Theta Marseille (owner and designer of Mermaid Treasure & Boutique)
have for you and will contribute to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, are:

Purple MerMesh Mermaid
Limited Edition for the RFL
 I also wearing in this pic the:
MTB Limited Edition Crystal Mermaid Crown and Necklace
MTB RFL Tribal Purple Accessory
Passion Mermaid
Limited Edition
Simple but gorgeous Mermaid outfit with a big lovely tale,
nice textures, looks super sweet.

Merrow Pavilion
 A huge Pavilion, just 12 prims and you have optional plants to add, copyable.

Also she have new releases that are shown in the fair, like:
MoonLight Mermaid
Includes Crescent Moon and stars attachments on various parts of the body.

The fair will is open until April 29st.
A lot of SIM's to visit, different themes,
for the Mermaid ones you can check the stores here:

And your seahorse for the event :)

More about the Fantasy Faire, tomorrow!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nikita by Azoury

In store on april 21st. and with 50% offfor 2 days
wearing your group tag.
La Tenue Nikita
New from Azoury, Nikita mini skirt, stripped pullover,
jacket and headphones.

Dress will be in brown and green, black and red, grenat and orange, red and orange, fucsia and plum & green and orange.

The jacket in red, orange, green, brown, violet and dark blue.

Tights : plum, green, red, orange, blue, black and nude.

Headpiece in gold, green, purple, blue and red.

Your Limo to Azoury

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