Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SOON in Azoury

Coming Soon to Azoury

Baggy Pants in mesh, my niece for sure will love this ones, in RL she use them a loooot.
Comfy Baggy pants in a soft fabric.
Long sleeves shirt with turtleneck.

AZOURY - Le Baggy  Latifolia Vert
AZOURY - Les Boots Latifolia
AZOURY - Le Pull Latifolia Marron et Vert

Pant is Mesh (only V3) and will be available in: black, green, blue & brown 
Shirt will be available in blue and violet, black, brown and green, red and black & green and orange.

Les Boots Latifolia

Your Limo to Azoury

More Surreal

The other 2 amazing outfits from Pipins Surreal Collection are:

Unique dress that looks like a bird cage.
You are wondering, were I'll use this dress?
Well just use your imagination :), be different and not dress like the crowd, use it for a show, a wedding, a party, were ever you like and you will be noticed for sure.

Is an elegant gown in black and white, made by sculpted parts, includes gloves and head attachment.

Your Limo to Pipins New Mainstore

Monday, November 28, 2011


The first holiday set from Finesmith is here.
Snowflakes represent perfection, amazing structure and secrets of this universe.

Snowflake in Platinum

Snowflake in Gold
A nice set with earrings, necklace, bracelet & ring all in snowflakes shapes,
different colors to choose.

Your Limo to Finesmith

Sunday, November 27, 2011


SERENITE is the newest release from Agnes Finney, perfect for these cold days.
Is a comfy sleeveless Fur Jacket with a belt and you can use it with your fav shirt, pants, skirt or whatever you like, looks great in a casual style or a more elegant one too.

Sérénité in Brown Fur
Also comes in Cream, Pink, Blue.

Your Limo to Agnes Mainstore

Shining by Azoury

Duotone mini dress with different colors in the flower in the collar, to choose the one that you like more and match it with your shoes.

AZOURY - La Tenue Shining with Neck attachment in Fleur Rouge

AZOURY - La Tenue Shining with Neck attachment in Fleur Bleu

The dress is available in: blue & camel, camel, red & camel, camel & orange  and camel & black .
The tights in orange, fushia, black, red, green and blue .

Shoes are available in brown, red, orange, bleu, green and black.

Your Limo to Azoury

Chanel by Elisea Carter

Just glamour is showed in the newest release from Elise Carter
An elegant outfit with a sexy fur jacket in a high V-cut and rich textures, a belt and a mid length skirt, mat it with the hat and the shoes and you are ready to impress.
"Chanel" Black Outfit
"Chanel" Black Shoes

"Chanel" Black Outfit
"Chanel" Black Hat

In this styling, the hair is included with the hat and take a look to the gorgeous collar.
"Chanel" Black Outfit
"Chanel hat black" hair blonde cream
"Chanel Collar black" Elisea Carter

The other release is CAMILLA
Wool separates, skirt, sweater, hat and scarf to mix&match.

"Camilla Hat blu" Elisea Carter
"Camilla Skirt blu" Elisea Carter
"Camilla Sweater blu" Elisea Carter
"Camilla Sweater blu" Elisea Carter

Your Limo to Gold in the Night

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boyish by Champagne

Sassy, playful, cute, and  sexy is the perfect description for BOYISH, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion's new release for the girls.  After all, "girls just wanna have fun, right?"

BOYISH has elements of masculinity and power, and yet is an outfit that retains its feminine and fun qualities as well.

A short-sleeved long black jacket with shimmering, glittering cuffs lays over a white undershirt with a black and white texture that peeps through the jacket right above the waist.  You will love the stylish black bow tie attached to the white collar with matching silver glitter in the middle of the tie, as well as twinkling chains which hang from the entire collar piece.

The black jacket with silver chain detail closures is fun and sensual, showing off your legs and open just enough to show off the black and white texture which matches the lower portion of the undershirt.

And for your head, a magnificent black crow completes the look.

As with many of our offerings, BOYISH is versatile; you can use pieces of this outfit with so many other items in your inventory, or wear it all by itself when you want a look that is playful, manly and yet feminine as well.

Appearing on our vendor ad for BOYISH is MVW, Miss Mexico 2012, Skylei Caproni.

RUNNNNN to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion today and look for BOYISH -- you will love it!

Your Limo to Champagne

Friday, November 25, 2011

PIPINS Big Opening and huge SALE

Pipins is moved to a brand new sim.
On Saturday 26th November at 1:00pm the new sim will be open.
For one hour only EVERYTHING will be reduced by 50% to Pipins D'Or members.

Just come along to the new sim and make your purchases.
Complete a notecard entitled 'Pipins D'Or 50% Sale- (Your Name)' and copy and paste your transaction history and return to Pipins Resident.
50% of your purchase cost will be refunded to you.

Non Pipin D'Or Members can get 30% off all items in AG Casual, AG gowns, Casual Classique, Gowns Classique and Cosmetic  Stores.  Complete a notecard entitled 'Pipins 30% Opening Sale - (Your Name)' and copy and paste your transaction history and return to Pipins Resident. 30% of your purchase cost will be refunded to you. 

Come and take a look at the beautiful new sim and grab yourself a bargain.
Check out the latest Surreal Collection released this week!
Sale prices apply Sat 26th Nov 1pm-2pm ONLY!!!!

Your Limo to Pipins New Store

STOP PRESS!!!!  New Release in Classic Gowns available at new sim only.

 Stunning, elegant, more stunning :) is this gown, reminds me Marie Antoinette with her big gowns in fancy party in France.
Big pearls in the fabrics, attached, flowers a big skirt with long sleeved top with ruffles, in an interesting colors combination.
And if you like can use it with the simple skirt also.

Direct Limo to Pipins

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finesmith Contest

Finesmith Jewelry is proud to announce its first Flickr contest open for Finesmith clients ONLY: 
the Finesmith FANCY DIAMOND. 

To show you that SL Fashion is for everyone, Finesmith decided to create a competition just for you, our loyal customer.

** How does this contest work?

- You have to wear at LEAST 3 items from Finesmith's most recent designs (from the past 4 months) and style it to your liking. There is no theme, just use your creativity! Then you take a picture (or have it taken by a photographer, this is up to you) and post it on Finesmith's flickr group:

- Join the Finesmith Jewelry group in-world:


- Please name your submission picture "Fancy Diamond - YOUR NAME" 

- Remember that the focal point of your picture is the jewellery, use your imagination to make it stand out, remember you are allowed to think outside the box.

- Only ONE submission per contestant

P R I Z E S 

There will be a single winner and he/she gets:

- L$10.000 cash prize
- L$10.000 gift certificate to shop at Finesmith Jewelry
- An inspiration set made for you and named after you (in January)
- The title of "Fancy Diamond"

** Deadline for submissions: December 8th 2011
** Announcing the winner: December 11th during Finesmith Muse 2012 finals


**** No Finesmith staff allowed! This is for customers only
**** No group gifts/freebies allowed, you can only use the most recent collections (Inspiration sets are allowed)
**** Only ONE submission per person
**** Prizes are not transferable
**** All decisions are final, after the winner is announced he/she is declared "Fancy Diamond" 

Good luck and have fun styling!

For further information please contact:
Catlyn Sahara or Anigma Eulenberg

Pipins Surreal

Today will show you 2 amazing creations of Angiliak from her latst coleection


A dress made all by piramids in black, includes a head attachment.
Risk it and try this outfit, you will be noticed for sure.

(Mesh Dress)

A gown made all in mesh and newspaper, a very elegant one with little hat and shoulder attachment.
The thing that I like from Pipins, is the innovative designs, every piece is a work of art and dedication.

Your Limo to Pipins amazing New Mainstore

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nina by Agnes

Nina is the latest Gown that is added to the Couture Collection ,
and is available near the entrance of the store.

Again a must have Gown created by Agnes and is perfect to the upcoming celebrations.

Lace bodyce, opera length gloves and the layered flexy skirt in 2 different fabrics.
NINA in Black&Red
Also in Black, Pink,Green and in White.
The white one is so lovely that is perfect for a wedding, just add a tiara or veil and done.

Discount available til Monday midnight (21 Nov) Please refer to the signs in the store.

Another gorgeous outfit, now in Black; ZARAH

And the Goodies that all we love ;)
Agnes Finney Xmas Girl

Agnes Finney Xmas Lady

Your Limo to My Precious

Finesmith News

IMANI, the newest gorgeous earrings from Finesmith.
Different colors to choose, in an elegant design.

Imani Fat Pack

FINESMITH - Imani Amber

FINESMITH - Imani bronze/coral

Different color to choose and a elegant design.

November Group Gift
GEO Necklace and Earrings

Your Limo to Finesmith

Hilarie by EntreMares

The latest release of EntreMares in a one of the kind gown.
For me this is just outstanding, one of my favs for sure.

High cut at the back to show an elegant silhouette.
Big long flexy skirt.

The eye catching detail is the shoulder big flower.

Love the detail in the fabrics, like roses in a semi-transparent texture.
Hilarie comes in:
Black, Pink, Blue, Gold and white.

Other gorgeous gowns recently released:



EntreMares Goodie 10L

Prisila in Red 100L

Your Limo to EntreMares

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breast Cancer FS @ SOC

The Spirit of Canada Modeling Agency & The Canadian Breast Cancer Fundation
will have tomorrow a Fashion Show to raise funds.

Sunday, 20th. November, 2011
Pre Show Starts @ 12pm slt with Dj. Rocky TooCool
Fashion Show Starts @ 1pm slt with Artist: Maxx Sabertooth

Lady Thera/Ladies Fashions - Thera taurog - Micol Choche
MEB/Ladies Fashions - MariaElena Barb
Sartoria/Mens Wear - Traveller Bade

SOC Models:
Locked Semaphore
Sheldon Kranfel
Burly Tigerpaw
Jamee Sandalwood
Chloe Panthar
SD Damiano
Secrets Bailey
Suki Rexen
Lua Vendetta

Your Limo to the show

Please join us in helping save someone’s life

Best Regards;
SOC Owner,  Spirit Lesington
SOC COO,  Carrie Rainforest
CEO SOC Modeling Agency,  Jamee Sandalwood
Photographer:  Cardozo Paolina 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

55L @ Finesmith

Hellooo today we have this gorgeous earrings in 3 different colors, just 55L each :)

Your Limoooooo

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