Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dolly By Agnes Finney and Halloween Goodie

DOLLY is the new gorgeous outfit from Agnes Finney.
I just felt in love with this one, comes with pant and skirt, 2 different options to wear and you will be sooo elegant in any of them.
The shirt is romantic, in lace with big sleeves and a cute scarf.
Skirt and pant have a high cut to enhance your silhouette.
Nice colors to choose: Mauve, Black, Blue, Green, Royal Blue and Violet.
Dress with style with Dolly.

Agnes Halloween Goodie is just perfect, in Halloween people almost always look for skelletons, witches, ghosts, and all that are super fun, but if you like something different, elegant but still in the halloween mood, take a look for the special Agnes Finney Halloween outfit just for members, 10L :), and just add some hair, skin and you are ready to celebrate.

And take a look to all the goodies at the store, you will get them all for sure :)
Your Broom to Agnes Store

Friday, October 28, 2011

Calao by Azoury

Le Tenue C A L A O is the new dress from Azoury.
The oval cut in the chest is just perfect to show our gorgeous silhouettes in SL ;), rich organic texture, a nice belt, matching boots, makes this one another addition to our inventory in SL hehe, is a dress that fits great the Fall season, I want it in RL too, I just love every release from Azoury.

Dress is available in black&white, black & blue, green and brown.

Tights in grey, blue, red & green

Belt comes in silver, grey, red, orange, pink, blue & yellow

Boots available in  black & grey, black & pink, black & blue, black & brown, black &green, black & red.

Your Limo to Azoury

Demolicious @ Le Cercle de Voyageurs

:( so sorry but this event is cancelled due to RL emergency of the performer.

Demolicious Wonder performs today at Le Cercle des Voyageurs, at 2 PM SLT, today October 28th.

Demo is a RL and SL amazing singer who plays  DIY synth-pop influenced by New Wave, punk, lounge music and AM Radio. Her performances offers original music with the occasional cover song. Some songs are performed with self-produced back up tracks,while others are completely live using a synthesizer, drum machine and loop pedal. Don't miss her great performance and bring all your friends !

Your Limo to the show

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Witch by LoveCats

YAY! just for Halloween another cute, sexy and grrrrrrrrreat outfit that you can have, honestly? I think I'll change my outfits every 10 minutes lol, I love all that I blogged, and this one from LoveCats is not an exception.

A sexy, sexy witch ready to party and get her candies, who will say no to her with this dress ;)

I just love the pumpkin details, are so cute and perfect, and the best part?
is on sale 50% off until tonight 8:00pm, so take your broom and fly to get it.

Your Broom to LoveCats

Ponchos, Ponchos and more Ponchos

BOHO HOBO just added a lot of Ponchos to the collection, cool for Fall Season, to use them with a comfy sweater and you are ready to enjoy the season with them, love the textures, looks like real wool and remember that if you buy them you are helping a good cause, RAWA.

BoHo HoBo  embroidered Afghan poncho
BoHo HoBo blue and red Pashtun poncho
BoHo HoBo Pashtun poncho (black)
BoHo Hobo Missoni poncho

Subscriber Gift Black Poncho

Have fun making your mix&match with your fav outfits.

Your Limo to Boho Hobo

Do you like Scorpions?

Well I'm, sure that you will love them if you see the new release from Finesmith
 S Y L P H I A
A spectacular headpiece and necklace with a big scorpion with Onyx or Ruby gem.

F I N E S M I T H- Sylphia Headpiece and Necklace in Onyx

F I N E S M I T H- Sylphia Headpiece and Necklace in Ruby

And don't forget the latest release

Your Limo to Finesmith

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pupet Skin by [sYs] 50% off

Hiya, yesterday I told you about the Pupet Skin by [sYs], today bringing you 2 pics of the 2 that you will get for 50% off until Nov. 1st, 2011

The [sYs] Puppet - Dual Skin, the perfect skin for scream for Halloween!
Two versions, one for Halloween scream (Skin dual) and one more pure (Skin pure). There are also 3 make up for the rune, tears & the mouth shut! You can add all that you want, make a mix with the skin pure or being directly the skin dual!

[sYs] PUPPET - skin pure

[sYs] PUPPET - skin dual

Your Broom to [sYs]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amarelo Manga Fall/Winter Colection

Amarelo Manga just released the new Fall/Winter Collection, amazing.

A lot of chic separates to mix and match them.
Jackets, Body suits, Skirts, Shirts, Pants.
Great textures, elegant designs, perfect to start the season with class.

Liane Jacket


Katy Dress

Social Pants

[Amarelo Manga] - Vintage Blouse
[Amarelo Manga] - Skirt Vintage Velvet

Want to see more? Take the Limo :)

LIQUID by Finesmith

The latest release from Finesmith is this gorgeous Set:
Earring, Necklace and Corset, a must have piece.

Your Limo to Finemsith

Halloween Gift @ [sYs]

For Halloween, [sYs] is pleased to announce you a new gift at [sYs] Mainstore:
2 make up & 2 demon eyes
Great to add it to your Halloween Custome.

[sYs] STARDUST - pullover (orange) female
[sYs] DEMON - Halloween make up
[sYs] DEMON - eyes (blue)

[sYs] DEMON - eyes (red)
[sYs] HALLOWEEN  - make up
[sYs] STARDUST - pullover (orange) female

Stardust Pullower Orange Male

The [sYs] Puppet - Dual Skin, the perfect skin for scream for Halloween! (-50% for Halloween, from today to the 1rst at 3PM SLT)
Two versions, one for Halloween scream (Skin dual) and one more pure (Skin pure). There are also 3 make up for the rune, tears & the mouth shut! You can add all that you want, make a mix with the skin pure or being directly the skin dual!

And don't forget the Haunted Mansion Show by Opium Fashion Agency's with [sYs] creations, to discover, or see again! 

Your Broom to [sYs]


Lady Mor have new fashion at the store, and is super sexy (like always)
Jeans, Shorts, Belts, Lingerie and a Classy Elegant skirt, take a look:

Trendy Long Jeans & Trendy jeans belts

Python Corsets with Boa

Lorena Skirt to go with Python Corset
Just love it, is simple but you are well dressed with this matching.

"Black Diva" Lady Mor Eyewear


Gold In The Nights Costume Give Away..................Win a free Peanuts or Tweeti Bird  Costume.

Purchase 1,100 Lindens worth of outfits or accessories from Elisea Carter at her Main store between 10/21/11 and 10/31/11 and Ora Ohara will send you a free “Tweetie Bird” outfit including shape.(a 600L value)?

Purchase 1,100 Lindens worth of outfits or accessories from Lady Mor at her Main Store between 10/21/11 and 10/31/11 and Ora Ohara will send you the Peanuts Character” of your choice. Includes shape and skin.(a 600L value)?

Drop Ora Ohara a note card detailing your purchases from your transaction record and she will send you your free outfit. In Lady Mor’s case also please identify the character you wish.

If you have any questions contact Ora Ohara. 

Your Broom To the Mainstore

Kabuki Halloween Gifty

I loooove Halloween Season, and all the cool things that you can get and do in SL.

Kabuki have a gift for all at the mainstore, take a look.

*Kabuki Creations ~ Trick or Treat Gift  V

LOL is fun because you get 2 gestures and 1 gun and 1 bag, haha, so, people or give you the candy OR give you the candy :)
Have fun and enjoy your SL, I'm sure I'll ;)

Your Broom to Kabuki to get the gifty

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Italian Taste October Deal

After a little break, the Italian Taste Monthly Deal is back YAY!!!
I always love to see the amazing creativity that this designers have, they just ROCKS!!!
This month theme is SteamPunk.

From Ocotber 24th to October 30th. you can get each of the items just for 50L, so, you can have a full omg set from head to toe just for 300L and quality, not trashy products!
Hair w/hat, necklace,top, skirt,boots and makeup!!!

*LpD* MakeUp - *SteamPunk Lady* MakeUp Complete
*SoliDea FoliEs* Bowler hat for The Italian Taste
[AD] Sexy goth Wire
[Reve] Steamstar necklace
[WAP Design] Steampunk Shirt
Chrysalis - Steampunk Boots

Just Teleport to each store and find the Italian Taste sign and the product near it.
Have fun mixing and matching your fav outfits.

Tiramolla by SoliDea Folies

Halloween is almost here and a lot of parties and great events for that day.
If you want to have a different and special outfit, that is out from this world, like all that Mila does, 
you just have to get Tiramolla, sexy, sexy outfit, just to cover enough but spooky for the season with cute skulls :)

(Mr. Bones not included ;), is my date for the Halloween)

Your Limo to CHAPPELLERIE MissMila by *SoliDea FoliEs*

Your Limo to Solidea MainStore

Lisa by Agnes Finney

L I S A is the newest Couture Gown by Agnes Finney.
An elegant layered gown that flows like a waterfall.
3 different styles to choose.
A short one, long gown with a simple but classy skirt and the dramatic layered one.

Lisa Couture Gown in Purple Discounted for a short time,
take advance of this offer.

Free Membership enrollment (23 Oct to 29 Oct midnight)
Don't miss our bi-annual free membership week. You will have to wait until the next year if you miss this week. Instructions are available at the reception. 

Lolita White for members only

Lolita Red for non members too

Your Limo to Agnes Store

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