Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hush Kitty by LoveCats

For 24 hours only.. this HOT new outfit is only 250L.. thats half off what it will be!

 For the Kinky Kitties... Ready to play? tease? and please? 
Hush Kitty includes gorgeously made exposed slave rag dress with beaded and fringed sash skirt, thong, armbands, collar, wrist ropes with AO, gag, resize scripted boots, 2-way chat scripted tail and twitchy ears. 2 optional modesty laters are included... or just go naughty! RAAWR!!!

This is the latest release from LoveCats I missed my post for her :)
And this one was fun because the colors of the outfits are great to mix&match, so why to buy just one, if you can get more because is 50% for 24h, and for all that you get is a super deal, and believe me, your sweetie will love see you dressed like this ;)

LoveCats Hush Kitty Outfit Purple

Mixing&Matching the Golden and Teal one
A lot of options to wear, with tail, without ears, different tops, use the skirt or not, just use your imagination and have fun.

LoveCats Hush Kitty Outfit Pink

More colors at the store (Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Gold, Teal)

Your Limo to LoveCats

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and more Azoury :)

Presenting the 3 last outfits from the newest collection of Azoury.
The thing that I love more from Azoury is that any of the outfits can be mixed and you can create unique looks.
Rich fabrics, great scuplties, amazing designs, makes Azoury unique, and the best of all, is affordable :)

AZOURY-Tenue Nigelle

AZOURY-Tenue Nero

AZOURY-Tenue Mahonia

Your Limo to Azoury

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jackets @ Boho Hobo

New Cropped Leather Jackets from Boho Hobo to mix&match with you fav outfits.
Perfect for the upcoming season and the most important when you buy any item from Boho, 100% of the sales goes to RAWA.

3 cool jackets in Red, Black and Blue, all sculpted and I love the detail in the textures, made them super realistic.

BoHo HoBo Red Leather Jacket
BoHo HoBo Black Jeans

BoHo HoBo Red Leather Jacket
BoHo HoBo patched jeans

BoHo HoBo Turquoise Sleeves Leather Jacket

Your Limo to Boho Hobo

Carmen by [sYs]

[sYs]m just released the Autumn Collection and is just OMG, I looooove it. 

Carmen have a long coat with black feathers super elegant and sexy with the mini shorts and lace stockings, you are ready to conquer the night in SL, and I want this outfit in RL (well with Lua's body)

[sYs] CARMEN - glam outfit (black feather)
[sYs] CARMEN - boots (black)
[sYs] JULY skin (crystal) - cleavage +HB black
[sYs] make up - Mystere

Carmen in Cyan

Carmen Sunglases

Carmen Boots

Proxy Outfit

Mylord Outfit for the guys :)

Your Spaceship to [sYs]

Alexandra by Finesmith

I want to apologize because lately I'm a bad girl :), not blogging a lot because I was overloaded and need a breake, more than 1 year modeling and trying to get in a lot of different places, shows etc, and need a stop, but not 100%, also RL is a little so so, but I'm still here and show you all the nice things that our lovely designers have for us, like Alexandra the latest release from Finesmith that yula just released before she went to a super well deserved vacations.

Is a gorgeous set that includes: Necklace I just adore it, ring, earrings and bracelet, is made to be noticed, big details, almost no need nothing to wear hehe :)

Is available at the new Finesmith Mainstore.

Your Limo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fan Limited Store 9th Edition

So happy that the Fan Limites Store have the 9th Edition, that means that a lot of people like it and support it, and is good get the special creations for half of price, and some are created just for the fan limited store.

ONLY 30 of each item sold at HALF PRICE during 3 weeks!!

After that you'll find them at designer's mainstore for normal price so ... quick!!!

**Official designers:

[sYs] Design:  
 Limited to 50 items for the Fan Limited Store. 
This skin will never been sell anymore after !!!

 Blackliquid MakeUp:


(Pic to come)

Limited to 50 items for the Fan Limited Store. 
This outfit color will never been sell anymore after !!!

Lovely Mi:

Solidea Folies:

Guests designers:

Lillou Design:


Your Limo to Fan Limited

Fan Shopping Chat: 

Fan Limited Store:

SoliDea Folies News

Once again Mila is presenting us stunning creations, 
don't know from were she gets this amazing ideas :),
but love them, always different, a lot of objects, flexy, prims, attachments, just out from this world.

MFW2011 - SoliDea FoLiEs - Regina

Exclusive @ Modavia

*SoliDea FoLiEs* - Mirrors
Your Limo to Solidea Folies

My Promise / MESH HAT (viewer 3.0 needed) /special edition @ special price

Your Limo to Chapellerie

More News from Azoury

Now you can get all the amazing new creations from Azoury at the Mainstore, check my older post to look what you miss if you not go now ;)

AZOURY-Tenue Akantha

AZOURY-Tenue Cargo

AZOURY-Tenue Harmony
Loveeee the texture in this outfit ;)

GIFT AZOURY Myosotis Jean Marron

GIFT AZOURY Myosotis Jean Bleu

Your Limo to Azoury

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LpD News :)

Hi, sooo cool that LpD Have new releases YAY!!!
A small dress with a cute jacket and boots to match, great to use at the begining of Autumn.

*LpD* - *Oh Susanna* Outfit Beige
(Whit out the lower part of the jacket)
*LPD* Skins - Milla Natural Gloss

*LpD* - *Oh Susanna* Outfit Brown with Brown Boots

*LpD* - *Oh Susanna* Outfit Black with Beige Dress
*LpD* - Buckskin Bag Natural

*LpD* Skins New MakeUp!!!
The Swan

Milla Skin Moon

Yoru Limo to Lpd Skins

Your Limo to LpD Mainstore

Poses by: DelMai & Morgane.


****THE PERFECT RUNWAY HUNT October 1st thru October 31st*****

On October 1st –Morgane Batista Poses Shop is thrilled to announce its 1st annual  “The PERFECT RUNWAY HUNT”!

 THE RUNWAY PERFECT HUNT, is created with models in mind, with great quality gifts both for females and males in the purpose of building up a great inventory for print, store, magazine, video and runway modeling.  This extravaganza promises to features picture perfect prizes for those that “walk” the catwalk or just want to look like they do!  

There will be skins, shapes, eyes, hair, jewelry, clothing, face masks, shoes... and runway poses…from casual to Avant Garde and everything in between.  If you’re looking for just the right ensemble..This is the HUNT FOR YOU!   Along with Ms. Batista and her fellow associates, Angexx Quandry and Blossoms Sweetwater, this is a one of a kind event not to be missed!

Morgane Batista Poses Shop is pleased to present “THE PERECT RUNWAY HUNT” taking place October 1st-31st and consists of 50 of the most prestigious “hand-selected” shops in al of SL to participate.  We want to thank in advance all of  those how are participants and know that all of you who join out hunt will be better off for it!  Enjoy and “Happy Hunting!”

A list of participants:

Morgane Batista Poses Shop
White Widow 
Oceane Body Boutique
Gems & Kisses
Angel Dessous
Lovely Li
Agy's Secret
Avante Poses
Aurora Borealis
...and much more

About Morgane Batista Poses Shop:

For those who do not know about Morgane Batista's  Pose  Shop, or needed a new introduction, Morgane Batista offers top quality runway poses as well as runway walks to fit those sculpted  outfits, for beautiful designs from top SL designers like Finesmith, Fellini, Tres Beau and SHAN as well as favorites among the most elite SL top models such as Mimmi Boa (MVW 2009), Fuzz Lennie (Miss Philippines 2011), Rusalka Callisto (Miss Russia 2012), Saleena Hax (Miss Ireland 2012), Tristan Tiaret (Maniera Man of style 2010) and much more. Also great quality poses for photo-shoots.  With that being said, this hunt is for all who love fashion and not just models...but to all  "Fashionistas" in  SL!

Ms. Batista has been named and interviewed in some of the top SL magazines and her poses have graced the covers such as BOSL, E-Style Magazine, MORE Moolto. Radar and VR-Style who's custom poses been seen in many magazines ads, posters and vendors.

Always keeping in mind the practical runway and photographic side, the fabrics don't stretch or pinch on the runway, and as least as possible in shoots. Whether you are a new or experienced model, photographer or pose addict, you will find good quality here.

 If you think you have enough already in your "inven" to make you think you have seen it all???  GUESS WHAT?!  You better "check" yo' self at the door...cause aint seen nothing yet!

 You will be delighted by this hunt created especially for YOU! 
The hunt is circular, which means that the 50th shop brings you back to the 1st one. So it's no problem if you start mid-way.

?The first stop is at Morgane Batista Poses Shop.

The hunt is for both male and females.

Inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/567fa658-9609-7071-7215-790e58bebe55/about

For information contact:
Morgane Batista
Angexx Quandry
Blossoms Sweetwater

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stars @ Jewelry Fair 2011

Jewelry Fair 2011 Press Release

The Jewelers of Second Life are proud to announce Jewelry Fair 2011 – The Elements. 4 sims full of jewelry and jewelry related items from some of the most incredible talent in Second Life, come together to offer a feast of jewels, precious metals and amazing treats.

Come share a moment with the amazingly talented Jewelers of Second Life as we explore the 4 Elements from September 16-25, on an amazingly designed 4 sim experience.  From the floating fantasy islands of Earth with jewels and trinkets woven into the branches and leaves, to the ruins of Fire complete with flames and jewels, to the tropical oasis of Water finding the gems hidden amongst the bamboo, and finally the serenity and elegance of the clouds far above in Air, there is plenty to feast your eyes on.

More than 100 merchants have come together to bring you this amazing and breathtaking event.  Come prepared to be amazed!  Merchants include jewelry designers, pose stores with jewelry poses as well as jewelry supply stores to offer a huge array of choices in style, design, and products.

Join us in exploring jewelry design at one of the jewelry classes offered by some of the top teachers in Second Life and even learn how to create some very simple jewelry pieces yourself. 

Proceeds from Jewelry Fair 2011 benefit Oxfam International, an international charity that reflects the international nature of Second Life itself! Charity vendors, one of a kind auctions, and even Gacha machines will all be available at the fair that donate money!

Organized by Cara Ametza with sim designs and builds by the talented Angelica Leiner of Angelic Designs assisted by Roseana Pera of Pixie Paradise. 

Created nice options for the Fair, her inspiration was the water, showing you 2 gorgeous sets, the rest you have to see it ;)

Stars! Ariel Set

Stars! Ocean Reef Set

To see more gorgeous creations from Stars!here is you Limo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

[sYs] New store

Yesterday [sYs] re-opened the mainstore with a great party with 2 amazing singers.
The stage was amazing, a lot of guests, dance, music and fun.
Congrats Systi & Syane, all the best like always for both with the new store <3

Syane Cisse

Mimmi carpenter

Systi Cisse

A view of the store with the new releases.

A combination of one of the latest outfits
[sYs] STARDUST - pant (female) gold
[sYs] STARDUST - pullover (female) black
and [sYs] POPTART Skin (pale)- black brows

And also fashion for guys yay!!!

Take your SpaceShip to see the new [sYs] Store

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