Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want to be Eternal?

With the latest release from LoveCats you will :)

Why? Because is just stunning, since I started to Blog LoveCat Thei creations I'm always amazed with the quality of the textures and the creative design of the outfits.

This time the latest creation is "Eternal" a very sexy outfit that includes:
Top, Corset, Bottoms, Arm bands, Bracelets, resized scripted Boots and skirts (2 sizes) and Diadem.
Is the right outfit to be a princess warrior, a goddess, to RP or just because :)
3 colors to choose, or 3 colors to Mix&Match, why not :)

Eternal in Black

Eternal in Red

Eternal in Silver

Eternal mixing and matching the 3 outfits.

And run today because is on SALEEEEE!!!
Your Limo

Finesmith 55L Thursday

wooot SALES again :)))

Sale 7AM TO 7AM Thursdays
designers setup one or more items for SaaaaLe in 55L.  look for the Fifty 5 thursday subscriber to find the item.

Join FashionAlert/ Fifty5 thursdays group to get the list every week or subscribe our subscribers.
 check out our blog all the photos and LMs in one click

Finesmith offers for you today:
(I need a huge jewelry case in my inventory lol, to put in all my Finesmith jewels :)))), just love them)

Diamond Collar in Bronze

Diamond Collar in Silver

B&W Bracelets and Necklace

Take your Limo and say to the driver RUUUUUUUN to Finesmith :))))

Finesmith Relay For Life

Hi :) thank you for read my blog, I'm so happy, going to 11.000 hits woooooohooooooo!!! and thank you to me new followers, xoxo to all who takes your time to read my posts :)))

Today Finesmith will release 2 items, "GLANCE Front Row" to help raise funds for RFL.

Each of the items will be sold for 250L and 100% of proceeds will go to Relay For Life.
This items are exclusive for this cause and never will be sold as none donation item.

We love freebies I know :), but sometimes is good to help with a good cause, and any contribution can make a big difference, also you can donate directly to the RFL Kiosk, at the entrance of the Mainstore.

This gorgeous Jewel makes me feel inlove at the moment I wear it, is elegant, chic, have feathers, diamonds and a modern design with squares in black and white.
Finesmith Devine Spirit Black Feathers

Finesmith Devine Spirit White Feathers

"thank you for your kindness
by helping to spread the word and collect donations.
kind regards,
yula Finesmith"

Your Limo to Finesmith

Monday, March 28, 2011

Alli&Ali proposals for these week

As we are all aware, the disaster in Japan is dire, and help is required.  Part of our efforts at Alli&Ali will be to set up some special sale items of which all proceeds will be donated the relief effort in Japan.  In order to help raise awareness of the current situation, along with the longer term consequences of what is occuring there, our first item is an art piece that we feel fits into the current situation.  It will be set out for sale in our mainstore entrance hall. All proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to the relief effort.
10% of all current Alli&Ali profits also go into the japan relief. We will donate through the special Japan Relief Linden Bears, and send them to random Alli&Ali customers.
Thank you for your support!

Mainstore offers:

Voting presents (this is free and can be found by the voting wall in the hair section)

Group presents (on the info desk, make sure to activate group tag!)

For more presents check at the bottom of the notice! Big treasure hunt!!!

1 L Promo Offers (ONLY on the Marketplace!)

More colors can be found on the Action Wall:

(Make sure to wear Alli&Ali group title to get 50% money back from all purchases from the Action Wall!!!)

Alternative present and Action Wall location in case you can not get into the mainstore:

New MM board prizes! Various in rotation!

Come look where all the prizes are, at our new prize overview location in Long Beach:
(click the servers )

New big treasure hunt started Sunday, 13th March! This is a grid wide hunt and we show you a picture preview of our prize
PS: We are in Inworldz too! Same avatars, same sim name, even a fan group to join for updates!

our Limo to Alli&Ali

Champagne presents...Grandiose and Caliente

It's Show Time, Ladies, and CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is pleased to create and offer a beautiful new costume for you to "strut your stuff" in - called GRANDIOSE!

GRANDIOSE is indeed grand in every detail.  In brilliant shades of pinks and corals, GRANDIOSE is the perfect outfit for a Show Girl!

The chicly textured and fitted bodice is very low cut in the front and attaches with spaghetti string straps.  In addition, the front of the bodice is covered with a beautifully fitted white diamond cage with rows of sparkling chains that hang down the front.

The flirty prim skirt shows off your legs to the max and the sparkling chains hanging all around the front hem will have all eyes on those fabulous legs, too!  Short pink and coral feathers are attached to the sides of the skirt as well.

A very full skirt of long pink and coral feathers attach to the back and cascade to the ground for a breathtaking and dramatic effect.  Additional feathers are also attached to the shoulders.  And a magnificent silver and diamond crown  with  voluminous plumage sits atop your head - truly fit for a Show Queen!

GRANDIOSE is dazzling, exciting, and ravishing in its detail.  And definitely not for the faint of heart! 

Talyia Tarber has created a complimentary, stunning makeup called GS Showgirl in Coral Makeup (see attached photo).  If you wish to purchase this makeup to complete the look, you can do so at the CHAMPAGNE! store and also at Garded Secret (Landmark below). 


Wow, can you feel the heat?  It's coming from CALIENTE, a bold and exciting new offering from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion!

The Carnival unites the world with the many cultures that come together for a few brief days each year to forget their differences and celebrate life!  And you can definitely keep the Carnival feeling going all year long in an outfit like CALIENTE!

The mainstay of this remarkable ensemble is the magnificent backpiece which is comprised of green and pink satin panels connected to a pink and green patterned embroidery emblasoned with bright orange diamonds.  A myriad of brilliant orange feathers that truly resemble a raging fire lie atop and across the entire backpiece!  In the center of the chest is a striking decorative floral design of gold and green with gold chains which lay flat against you.   Also included is a prominent prim shoulder piece in pink with orange diamonds and green embroidery, and small twinkling orange diamonds across the bottom of each shoulder prim.

The briefs are a vibrant green satin with a smaller version of the decorative chest accessory fitted to the waistband.  Matching jeweled pink wrist and ankle cuffs are included as well.  The eye-catching headpiece in pink with green embroidery and prominent gold and green diamonds completes this handsome and adventurous look!

CALIENTE is steaming hot -- a perfect outfit for Carnival Time or Party Time!

Talyia Tarber has created a complimentary, stunning makeup called  GS Irish Eyes Tatoo (see attached photo).  If you wish to purchase this makeup to complete the look, you can do so at the CHAMPAGNE! store and also at Garded Secret 

Your Limo to Champagne

"Finesmith designs @ It's On Sale March 28th - April 3rd"

Woooohoooo, this gorgeous jewels are on Saleeeeeeeee, so Ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!
I'm a Finesmith addict, not just for the designs that are amazing, but also for the great lovely people who makes Finesmith, like yula the owner and designer and her amazing team, I'm happy being a part of Finesmith :)

Finesmith attend ITS ON SALE this week. 

The items on Sale from March 28th to April 3rd, are:

I'm wearing all the sale items and the Grass Green Nails by Finesmith also

Take advantage of this offers to create your mix&match sets.
Your Limo to Finesmith

More news:

*Will repeat some earlier gifts for those that didnt get chance to grab.

*announcing mini photocontest winner of 1000L GC within an hour.

*annoucing the finesmith shopper of the month tomorrow also 1000L GC.

A few months ago you got a chance to buy Wish earrings for 10L

Finaly yula made 2 designs of necklace matching this earrings 
and for the special release they will be selling in half price- 250L

Both necklace are fully menu deriven, textures for metal, gems and color.

want more? go to Finesmith ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

[sYs] Flash News

Latest releases from [sYs]

[sYs] HAIRBASE - White

[sYs] ASTRAL - bracelet

[sYs] PULSAR Evolution - soundglasses (color HUD)

Your Limo to [sYs]

and like always [sYs] sisters sayd:
Show Your Style ! ㋡

Easter Decorations @ Purple Moon Store

Nice decorations for easter, bunnies, chicks, banners, 
cards, flexy banners, mats, emitters, baskets, wreaths, eggs, balloons, hurricanes, flowers, garden decorations, Jesus frames.

Free wearable bunny balloon, Free Palm Cross, Free Bunny Ears.
Adding new items frequently.

Happy Easter!

Your Limo to Purple Moon Seasonal Decorations
Featuring Easter
Agnes Finney Presents


Saturday, March 26th, at 5 P.M. SLT.

This is one show not to be missed! The My Precious 2011 Queen Xandrah Sciavo, Queen Contest 2010 1st runner up Genevieve Kamala, Natasja Schumann and Jamee Sandalwood will be gracing the runway in Agnes Finney's latest designs. This is a knock-out collection of glamorous and exquisite designs.  From Intricate, graceful styles to playful and elegant couture. A must see event that you will not want to miss.

Agnes Finney has been creating My Precious designs for nearly 3 years now in SL. She strives to create high fashion clothing at its finest.  Her passion for beautiful inspiring  pieces shows in every piece. 


Finesmith Flash News

Finesmith is always launching new items, sales, promotions, contests, join the group to get all the news and gifts, just go to the store to join the group at the entrance.

Finesmith Designs latest release
Cross My Flower&Hope to Die
Necklace, earrings and lip flower
Fully menu driven, one script only, low prim.

55L ITEM is still in the store and you can get it

You can match it with the nice earrings

New Dress from Lybra Rage, she is doing a great work with her line, simple, elegant and classic designs.

More colors available at the store

Also the groupgift in the store is a gorgeous gown from Lybra
from the privileged collection

Events in Finesmith-

This coming sunday the show cast for Finesmith inspiration models April.
applications accepted by the 26.

STYLE THAT with rissa friller & Markski Glom
Every tuesday participants will receive free item that they will have to mix and match in a personal smashing look.

I'm wearing te Hecate Gown,
Cross My Flower&Hope to Die Set
Nails in Rave Red's

Want more? take your Limo to Finesmith and get the news :)

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