Monday, February 28, 2011

Alli&Ali proposals for these week

Hi, another week and the new releases from Alli&Ali. Almost March I think that the globe is rotaing faster lol.

Voting presents (this is free and can be found by the voting wall in the hair section)

Group presents (on the info desk, make sure to activate group tag!)

For more presents check at the bottom of the notice! Big treasure hunt!!!

More 1 L Promo Specials On Marketplace ONLY:

More colors can be found on the Action Wall:

(Make sure to wear Alli&Ali group title to get 50% money back from all purchases from the Action Wall!!!)

New MM board prizes! Various in rotation!

New big treasure hunt started with 28 prizes ! Running through until March 9th!

We are also parcitipating in the grid wide Valentines Hunt!
Date: 1st February and 1st March. 
More information in our mainstore on the info desk when you click the hunt sign or on the hunt blog here:
Our present for you will be this: 

We are in Inworldz too! Same avatars, same sim name, even a fan group to join for updates!
Alli&Ali Mainstore

Saturday, February 26, 2011

More from Vanity Skin Fair 3

Helloooooo, a few more pics from the Vanity Skin Fair.

Free 7 LipSTick Makeup

Free Skin and shape (not showed in the pic)

:: hsh :: VENUS Skin for 5Lindens

*YS & YS* Susan - Free Skin

GRIXDALE Body Shoppe 
Ouch! Bandages 30L each set
3 sets with 4 different colors

Have a great weekend, more news soon ;)

Your Limo to Vanity Skin Fair


My Precious Fashion House proudly presents our November fashion show.  This show is produced in collaboration with Alienbear's Design and Stiletto Moody.

My Precious 2011 Queen, Xandrah Sciavo, Cielestic Magic, Giada Oh, Syra Hyun, and Julia Brand will be gracing the stage in some of My Precious's latest designs. This is a knock-out collection of glamorous and exquisite designs.  From Intricate, graceful styles to playful and elegant couture. A must see event that you will not want to miss. 



Agnes Finney has been creating My Precious designs for nearly 3 years now in SL. She strives to create high fashion clothing at its finest.  Her passion for beautiful inspiring  pieces shows in every piece. 


Friday, February 25, 2011

Vanity Skin Fair 3

The weekend is a great time to go to the Skin Fair and check all the new creations from your fav skin designers.
The Skin Fair runs until March 6th, 2010 and the queens of this year are for sure the makeup layers and tattoos.
A few things that you have to know before go:

Detach all or almost all of your huds attached to your screen, if your scripts are high, you will TP out lol, like me, because I didn't know it well (and believe me was so grrrrrr &^%$#%^ because I try to TP there like 57 times, and when finally was there, just puff, TP to home lol), I detached all, just not my ZHAO, I will never will walk like a newbie hehe :)

Lower your ARC to green, they look at you and if is high you will kindly warned, if you don't know how to do it, just do this:

Open: Advanced Menu
Info Displays
Avatar Render Cost

Numbers will appear on your head, if they are green, you're ok, if not, do this:
Instead of use a flexy hair, use one just with prims, no flexy.
Use a simple Pump, instead of the lovely sculpted feets & shoes.
Avoid flexy attachments, blings, jewels, scripted attachments.

I just went with nice pants, shirt, pumps and my simple hair, not bald, NEVER bald lol, but a lot of avis was there bald and no shoes hehe, was funny look at them :)

Have to wait a feeeeeew minutes to load textures at the stores, if you go fast all will be grey, so this Fair is to see it with patience and calm.  Not all the stores have freebies, but all have demos, of course this is essential when you buy a skin, have to try it first, can be gorgeous on the model, but maybe not works for your features, try it always before buy.

So get popcorns, beverage and get ready to fight the lag because is huuuuge, but for the freebies and good skins, it worst :)

Now let me show you a few freebies that I get from the Skin Fair.

Set of 5 eyeliners for 20L, a good deal and good quality makeup
I'm wearing my regular skin and using the eyeliners.

5 Lipsticks and Tattoo for the body

Love the colors, almost all are pinks and purples my favs :) and are tottally Free.

MakeUp and Nails, free items.

3 Free Skins

Mai Skin Free Gift [face tattoo]

This one is fun :)

Free Green Eyes

Free 5 Eyeshadows

Aleida gift for suscribers
Dress & shoes

More about the Vanity Fair Skin, tomorrow :)
Your Limo to Vanity Skin Fair

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finesmith 55L Thursday and Group Gifty

Helloooo, another thursday is here and Finesmith is back with the 55L sale offering 2 amazing necklaces in gold and silver.
Prizma Necklace

The group gift for Spring is lovely, I in RL adore use anklets and in SL is no exception!
Iris Anklet

Also take a look to my older posts to check the Inspiration Project and Finesmith Muse 2012

Your Limo to Finesmith

Join FashionAlert/ Fifty5 thursdays group to get the list every week or subscribe our subscribers.
 check out our blog all the photos and LMs in one click 

Anubis News

Anubis have New Releases and are gorgeous, I have a few of Anubis designs and love them, are fresh, elegant and great to wear in your everyday or for a special occasion.

We are moving to new facilities, and hope you like them as much as we did when we chose them.
To commemorate it, I created a new outfit for you all.  It is called Zizi, and it is as zazzy as its name.  
Subtly transparent, it has touches of silver and a beautiful embroidered top.  
It is at your disposal in our new store for only 99L.  Yes, you read it correctly, 99 L!  

And dont forget to get a look to the new collection.... a tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Take your limo and come to see yourself  as elegant as sexy!

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