Thursday, December 30, 2010

The National Costume Parade with the MVW Candidates

Today you can witness an unique event and one of the last ones of the year, featuring the lovely Miss Virtual World candidates wearing national costumes.

THE MISS VIRTUAL WORLD CANDIDATES take center stage again to bring you one of the most talked about collections of the year:


At the NEW Patch Thibaud Auditorium, a place that you have to see.

December 30th, 2010
at 4:00 p.m. SLT

See you there, here are your limo's

SAGE Fashion Show @ CWS

Again was a great show at CWS, this time for SAGE, I just loved my outfits, specially the Guardian Angel, I feel like a real Angel with that one :)

Sage Pexie is the owner and designer of SAGE, a nice variety of gowns for any occasion, the wedding line is versatile you have a lot of different colors to choose, not just the classic white one.

 Holiday Princess in Blue & Green
This set comes with a top, glitch pants, flexi skirt, gloves and snowflake trim. 
The top is a sweetheart fitted bodice with a seasonal snowflake lace ruffle along the neckline.
Guardian Angel is truly an angelic replica of a white angel with grace and elegance! Comes with a top, flexi skirt, train, wings, sculpted collar and corset ties. Top is a scoop neck bodice with an avant garde' collar that flows into a full ball gown skirt in layers and layers of white satin covered with a sheer sparkling sheer overlay with an almost star like quality fabric. The wings are stunning and dramatic with sheer textures of a starry night made by Sage in loving memory of her guardian angel...her Mom!
Fall Winds. The set comes with top, pants, 3 flexi skirt panels, train with sculpted leaves and bow, scroll embellishment with sculpted leaves and sculpted hair leaves to complete the look! With so many components in this set the possibilities of looks are endless. In rich vibrant hues of red, gold, yellow and black.
Arwen Tuxedo Gown is a formal gown for a woman with style designs of a male tuxedo! Comes with top, pants, jacket and 3 piece flexi panels. Wear with or without the jacket showing the white lace camisole with diamond gem accent at the bust line. The black jacket and long formal skirt are black with a high shine satin lapel and waist band trim so its truly reminiscent of a traditional tux!
Princess Piper in Sage
This gown set comes with top, pants, flexi skirt, flexi train and sculpted bow. The bodice is divine in a sheer organdy and detailed lace appliques'. The full ball gown skirt is a heavy satin hemmed in matching lace.
Princess Piper in Lavender
 Diva in pink
All Wrapped Up in blue and red.
This is the perfect present to wrap yourself up in and sit under the tree for your special someone! Set includes top, long glitch pants, 3 panel flexi skirt, mini skirt insert, bow scarf, sculpted hip bow, and opera length gloves with sculpted bows!

This is a lace gown with scalloped edging for a soft feminine touch and perfect for a wedding gown! Set comes with top, glitch pants, 3 piece flexy skirt and for the bride a veil is also included! The top is a lace camisole with a skirt of full lace detailed overlay of satin.

Let It Snow! 
Set includes top, glitch pants, flexi skirt and gloves! This magnificent beauty is a full ball gown with a tiered full skirt. The top is a plunging v neck strapless and backless beauty with a snowflake lace along the hem and into a shoulder strap.  

Your Limo to Sage

55L Thursday Sales for today Dec 30th.

The last 55L for these year, amazing how fats 2010 was.
If you still look for the perfect sexy dress to Celebrate New Year, here you have a great deal and just 55L, not bad at all :)
You can get today all that you need to look amazing tomorrow, jewels, outfits, hairs, all just 55L each.

From BBE
 This gorgeous tattoo in Floral. The package comes with both colors (Sepia & Black) plus a tat layer for new viewers and an underware layer for old viewers.
Your Limo to Body by Eve
From DK Designs this sooooo Sexy gown
(the tattoo is BBE)
DK DESIGNS is taking part in the promo FIFTY5 THURSDAYS, offering a sexy gown with disccount at price of 55L. 
You will find this sexy dress called GARA at that special price just for this thursday 30th.

Your Limo to DK

of course, from Finesmith Jewels

Perfect Jewelry for a perfect night!
Your Limo to Finesmith

Check Fashion Alerts blog for more items

My Precious 3rd Anniversary Fashion Show

A few days ago I was in the FS of Agnes Finney, was late for me, I think, ok, will be a little and go to sleep, but can't :), have to see all the show. The outfits are so well done, textures, design, cuts, fabrics, just amazing.  The shoes from  Stiletto Moody's matches perfectly with every gown and the jewels from Alienbear Gupte, simple gorgeous and their newest sponsor Lyrique Hats and Hair. I want all that I saw hehe :)
18 outstanding designs was showcased, here you can see them.

Genevieve Kamala has just won as the 1st runner up in My Precious Queen Finale 2011, and she is wearing one of the new releases -- Romantic Butterfly. The detailed corset with tiny roses on the top edge of the cups focus the eyes upward.
I really love the butterflies in the skirt, very romantic detail.
The most fantastic part of the dress is the bunch of butterflies around the hip.
Jewelry Ambroisa cream pearl set in Pink and Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine in Pink Diamante.
 In Faith, the whole dress is made of detailed floral lace. Short white lace gloves are a perfect touch.
Jewels by Alienbear’s Azucena Crown and Earrings and Bare Ginger in White from Stiletto Moody shoes.
Agnes Pure tonight topped with Agnes Pure Rose Hat both in black.
The roses around the skirt have created a romantic yet unique look for your styling events or fashion shows.
 Jewels: Princess Rosana Earrings in White and shoes Stiletto Moody Bare Olivia in White & Black.
Agnes Flora along with the My Precious Eternity Hat. 
It features a beautiful pink floral skirt with lacy shoulder sleeves.
Almas Necklace and Earrings III inHotPink from Alienbear and Bare Lana in White Patent from Stiletto Moody.
Agnes Feena with the My Precious Eternity hat in black.
Anything could go well with Feena. But if you have not made up your mind about what accessories to go with it, the Eternity Black rose hat is recommended.
The Lorraine Pearl Necklace and Earrings in Black and Bare Anita Black & White from Alienbear and Stiletto Moody finish the look.
Agnes Queen Mayurs a gorgeous, classically feminine and intricately designed gown. This dress moves beautifully with the the feather overlay on the skirt.
 The Aliendbear Jewelry is a beautiful Mayur Forehead Tiara with Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets and a Ring, The Stiletto Moody Bare Fay in Zebra Black complete the look.
AGNES FINNEY'S Queen Glory Grandeur gown. 
 The gown is stunning with beautiful floral details on the top and a high slit revealing your long sexy leg.
The fitting KrisCar Queen Crown, Scepter and KrisCar II Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear delights and fascinates finishing the look with Stiletto Moody Bare Veronica in Nude.
My Precious Queen Anniversary Edition.
This beautiful white gown has been one of a kind gown that has caught everyone's eyes the first time they see it. This subtle classic embroidery gown is sure to make you feel very sophisticated, special.
  A fur wrap with bow sash tie has been created to cover up your neck and shoulder for the winter.

Alienbear’s Queen Posesiva Crown, Scepter, Necklace and Earrings and accents lifts herself to Queen height with Stiletto Moody Bare Brigitte shoes in Black andWhite.

I really was delighted in the show, loved the runway, a little lag for the girls, but nothing bad, the audience can enjoy a 5 star FS.

Congrats Agnes for these 3 years of success and more to come.

Here is your limo to Agnes store, take a look to all her elegant creations, join the group and you always will receive news, gifts and info about all that you need to know from My Precious, and also if you like, at the entrance you can find the info to be the next My Precious Queen.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finesmith Inspirations Project and NEW Release

Hi, sorry for not blog too much these days, just away from home and little vacations with kids :).

Yula Finesmith always surprises us with her new releases, now with this piece of art; SWAN, just AMAZING! a gorgeous headpiece with black feathers and black diamonds in gold or silver, 
just WOW!!!

Finesmith Inspiration project Press Release:

Hello Models-I  would like to introduce to you Finesmith Inspiration project
where models- known and unknown meet together towork with a designer.

5 models will be chosen every month to work closely with me (yula Finesmith)

1. be Inspiration to my creation each of the models will have items/sets named after her.
2. at least one or more will be chosen for print in magazines aside to Ms.FS*Stylista who will be in magazine prints for the next 5 months.
3. you will receive all the releases of this month you have been chosen for-worth thousands of Lindens.
4. we will have a mini show in finesmith homeland featured by you.
5. you will be the finesmith Diva's in this month and spend time in the store as live model
6. you will be photo by the great fashion photographers in SL. this photos will be shown in the store and advertised in different channels.

**This one month offer that will allow you expand your modeling career and work with growing Finesmith Designs.
*Remember 5 will be chosen every month means you have a great chance to get accepted if not in this month then the one after

The requierments:
*Qualified model from modeling academy.
*2 photos of you wearing Finesmith Jewelry- head shot and body shot- we ask that you will feature the jewelry in your photo. 
choose styling that compliment the jewelry.

*Send the photo along with your resume and application in a folder to -yula Finesmith and sophira Nitely

*please join finesmith group9find it in yula finesmith profile(easy)
*please make picks in finesmith designs land
*add the photos you created to finesmith flickr for everyone to see-

*you will be also invited for casting infront of yula Finesmith and Finesmith the last week of every month.
*chosen models will be announced every first of the month and will start their inspiration month.
**MODELS that werent chosen- some of you will get invited to work in the store as live models.
*I would like to point out to all the models out there- also new models will get accepted to this project- chance to you all.hope to see you all try.
*if was and you werent selected for one month you may apply again and again- we understand 5 is alot toward one but still limited and this project will go on for as long as it succeeds. i love models and working with models- everyone and everything is inspiration for me- you are all unique and this is why i thought about idea that will get me to know more models in SL. 

--we still didnt choose the January troup so hurry up and place your applications the january casting will be on friday last day of the month at 12PM.applications accepted untile december 30th, 10PM.�

cant wait hearing from you-

Finesmith owner: yula Finesmith
Finesmith Managers:
Sophira Nitely
Arisia Ashmoot
Xenobia Foxclaw

Questions? just contact any of the managers

Congrats to Miss rissa Friller
Miss Finesmith Stylista 2011

Your Limo to Finesmith

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bliss Couture News

Hiya, one of the stores that I love in SL is Bliss, 
now you can get almost all the outfits with 50% off, YAY!!!

from Dec 11th to 28th, 2010

Bliss Couture crowns a fantastic 2010 with a dazzling december and of course its regular Holiday Sales.

The complete collection available at the mainstore is on sale 50% off from December 11th to 28th, with the exceptions of the hair, the Eve Gown and the Bridals.

All the items are transferable, so this is also great chance to buy your Christmas Gifts,  or the musts of the season with an incredible price, the timeless couture pieces or maybe your favourite outfit ever in that particular shade that matches your accessories.

*New* Sexy Mrs Clase Fur Outfit 50% OFF!

 Miss Virtual World Limited Edition 
it's one of our most exclusive gown ever! only 18 sets availble in the whole sl (6 left)

Bliss also released another 6 colors for our regular collection

from Dec 15th to 1st January

We've prepared over 10 gifts for our famous the hunt, I will be putting a new hunt gift out on different days along the holiday ;) Today is time for Bunny no.4
Hope you girls will have fun looking for our cute bunnies. 
(only 4 bunnies are out to-date. please stay tune for more!!)


Hi :), hope you all haved a lovely Christmas, ours was nice and kids are so happy, so for me just the smile in her faces is my best gift ever :)))

I have to work lol, so I did the BOSL hunt a few days ago, and here you have a few pics and all the LM to get the great designs that you can have for 50L, is a good deal and you can wear creations from big names in Fashion Industry, and almost all are very easy to find.
Gown by Glamour Style, Callas
Hair by Bliss
Nails by CCD

Tillie by Angel Dessous
Nails by CCD

Anastasia by Bahar Vega

Skin by Blush
Hair by  Bliss

Dress by irisblond Allen (Society)

LM for more stores

Have fun hunting and Happy Holidays :)))

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