Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sand Confessions with...

Sand Confessions is my new segment, lol no idea why I called it Sand confessions, but I did my first interview and was at my home at the beach in the sand, so was the first thing that comes to my mind :D
This is my first interview for my Blog that I started in July and i really enjoy it a lot.
A good friend of mine, emanuelle :) (she is a sweet girl and always try to help) gives me the idea to make this interview, when she told me I was like huuuuu??? Me? interview a Top Model with my bad english? I'm so nervous doing this :)!!!

She is an icon in the Modeling Industry, trained at:
 AVENUE models Academy, December 2008
SuperElite Academy Elite Class, March 2009.
She is a Model for Bliss Couture & Gems & Kisses
She is very professional and so kind, that I'm feeling very comfy doing the interview, so here we go :), there is my firts interview with:

Chirzaka Vlodovic, Miss Latvia 2010
LV: is a pleasure meeting you and an honor having you at my home in this little set that I prepared for the interview. I hope I'll do it ok, is my first time and no idea what to do :)
CV: oh, thank you :) it's a nice place you have

LV: I'm pretty new at modeling, just started in March, and people think that modeling is easy, a lot of tell me is just move arrows for walk and nice shape and skin, but is not, is more than that and you better than me know that for your expereince, can you tell me a little about this, how you start in this hard but amazing world and why?
CV: At the very beginning I was like little wanderer, just looking around places and understanding what is second life, I didn't know what second life is all about. Of course, I didn't know what is modeling here and what it involves. After six months exploring, I started to notice magazines with models and printads. And this blew my mind away. I started to look for an agency to become a model. Training comes first. After that, I spent some time learning and understanding what is model walk, poses etc...Meanwhile the other important thing for a model is editing prims. I attended some free building lessons, which could be found under search/events/education, and what is script
LV: Smart lady :), not all the models think on do that is a good Tip.
CV: So step by step, I was investigating everything by myself, looking for stores, attending fashion shows, reading blogs, magazines, and one of important things is to take part in contests, it really gives experience
LV: a lot, even if you not win always is a good practice and people see you and can recognize you
CV: At the begining, there was no success but every time you learn something from others, it's just enough to see and analyze, even though, it's almost two years of modeling, i feel there are thing to learn, and it's not like you ever can reach the top.

LV: You was MISS LATVIA 2010 for MVW, tell me a about this, how was your selection? Why you choosed Latvia?
CV: MVW is almost every model's dream in second life, so it was mine too. Basicaly it's the best school for model to learn, how to style, compete, express yourself, at the same time it learns you to be simple, to be sincere to other people , willing to help and share experience!
I chose Miss Latvia tag for simple reason, because I am originaly from Latvia and I live in Latvia, very small North Eastern European Country, green and quiet :)
However, choosing country gives you just bigger number of fans, I mean, if you choose uk or usa, you have the biggest crowd of followers, but it doesn't affect the choice of judges, so you can be represented by any country :) and choose nice national costume for finale, so generally, training at modeling academies and working in agencies gives very good basement for MVW, and becoming MVW gives you the real experience, it's priceless :)
LV: I read that you like to help others in SL, when you have time for this and what you like to do to help them?
CV: I like to help others with understanding what is modeling. However, most of all I like to help individually. I mean, if there is just model and me. It means i can devote 100% of my time to one certain model and she gets all attention.
However, i must be honest and admit that lately i haven't had much time to find new models and teach them something new! :) I have started hat desining wich takes pretty much of my time.

LV: What you think are your special features that makes you different and a great model in SL?
CV: I find myself very hard working, always ready to listen to critics and good advices. I have my own style which i always keep very simple but elegant at the same time. Besides I love to keep thing in balance and harmony in everything, which makes me different. I know when to stop and say "no" to some things. Regarding to my look, the thing that makes me different is my style.

LV: You have a little more than 2 years in SL, you think that Fashion and Modeling has changed a lot since you started?
CV:Basic things are the same. However, we are more technically advanced now than two years ago. Posing has become more advanced. We have huds but before we switched poses manualy. We have different comunicators and many other things which helps us to take a good show. and years ago , modeling industry was not so big as it is now. Sometimes I have a feeling it has gone out of control to hold a good show :)

LV: Your best day at modeling or your worst day or funny story from any event?
CV: All days when I got invited to agency groups and mvw had been my best days. Worst days luckily haven't been many. I think my day is bad if I don't rezz in the show and can't go out to show my outfit, or even worse, If SL has disabled logins or there are issues with internet connection and there is not possiblity to log in.

LV: I feel so down some days, when I go to a Casting and I'm not get in, feel like I want to quit, but this is not an option, I'm here and I want to be a Top Model, you feelt that in your begginings? and what is your advice for a new model like me when this happens?
CV: Yes, this feeling is common to me. It is absolutely normal if you feel like this. However it should motive you to do better next time. The most important is to understand what you did wrong, however, you should understand that being top model not always would provide first places in shows and contests, because of simple reason, designers are different, agency CEO's are different and they all have different tastes. The essential is to keep your style and polish it till it's perfect.
The feeling of quiting the modeling will go away after few successes :) just wait for it and work constanty until you get them.

LV: I also know that you do cute lovely nice Hats, tell me about this :)
CV:I have just started and there are just couple of hats now for sell. I am happy for single word that customer says to me about them and it really drives me to make more. Nevertheless, i am always opened to advices and new ideas.
LV:and why hats?
CV: Good question, I like to play with accessories and wearing them it's how I can make a nice day for myself. So the idea came when i made a Lime hat for Kungler's gown and my picture won the contest. I was happy as elephant :) and i said to myself: I can do the same for others!
LV: Nice,accesories are great and an important part of the outfit.
CV: sometimes they play the main role :), however, never should be too many.
I'm wearing the *LODE* Hat - Pond that Chirza gives to me, love it :)
CV: you are doing great with your first ever interview , btw:)
LV: tyyyyy :) and you rocks :)
CV: yay
LV: Thank you so much Chirza for giving me the opportunity to interview you, I know that your days are full and you kindly take your time to be with me, to finish, you want to say something for all the models or the ones who think in be one?
CV: yes, for new models :) I wish to you and to all other ladies love for fashion!
Ok, that's it, I did it YAY! I think that for be the first one was good, and sorry if I or Chirza have a little troubles with our english, lol, but we tryed to do our best.
Thank you again Chirza and wishing you the best luck in your SL in all that you do you deserve it.
Thanx you all for take your time to read my blog.
Lua ;)
There is your Limo to her store

Friday, August 27, 2010


Tomorrow (Saturday 28th,2010) at 3:00 p.m. SLT you can't miss the FS  of the House of Europe.
  15 models will be wearing the amazing designs made by Didier Rascon.
Ariana Kalinakov
alelitz Fierenza
Aisha Ormega
Laylah Lecker
DebbieDoo Tigerfish
Lua Vendetta
Nina Brianna
Suzie Marenwolf
Lisana Rossen
Victoria Allegiere
Desi McKeenan
GeorgieBoy Juliesse
Didier Rascon
tinydogg Haystack
Brooklyn Demonavic
See you there, this is your Limo for the Show

AVION FS @ Maritima and News/Freebies from the Stores

Tomorrow (Saturday 28th, 2010) at 6:00p.m. SLT will be the AVION Fashion Show at Maritima to show the revolutionary Vanity Hud which allows you alter not only Vanity eyelashes but also allows alterations of any modifiable  Hair, Shoes and Jewellery located in your inventory. 
Have to see it to beleive it ;) so do NOT Miss it!!!

The following models selected from the upcoming Vanity promotional tour have kindly agreed to demonstrate and showcase the products from Avion Beauty and Cosmetics

Anabella Ravinelli 
Bety dudek 
RhiannaLynn Lane 
Louise McWinnie 
Perla Rae 
Scarlett Loxingly 
Katherine Comet 
Lulu Breuer 

This is your Limo for the Fashion Show

The Avion store can be can be located at the following location

Freebies and promotional sales

As a promotional offer Aurore Tremont of Autre will be providing a free gift to mark the official opening Maritima with her first Gown as she continues to make preparations for the BCA charity, which will be available to collect when the show starts at 6pm .

Phoenix Piek of Agalia has kindly reduced the jewellery prices of all items in Maritima to 75% off the orginal value.

Chirzaka Vlodovic of Lode has created a new hat ( her 3rd ) in commeration for the opening of Maritima and will be selling her 3 items at a promotional rate

Fleur Orchid designer and custom skin maker  will be creating 2 new free skins as Gifts to mark the opening courtesy of her label The Powder Room

In conjunction other designers in the various shops located at Maritima have all put promotional items and free gifts within their various stores 

Take a look to all the Mall and don't miss the Avion Fashion Show.
Check my old Posts to see pics and infos about some of these offers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

55L Thrusday @ PurpleMoon Creations

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Just today you can buy this Gorgeous Gown just for 55L, is one of the best sellers gowns "Carmen" in Blue.
I just bought it now and I love it, is so elegant, 
take your Limo Now to get yours

New Suscriber Gift at auTre in Maritima

auTre is a small boutique located in the Maritima mall.  auTre specializes in super girly grunge/urban apparel for women.

If you haven't already, come into auTre and touch the subscribo!  Rory just put in a brand new FREE dress that I know you'll LOVE!  The dress is not available in the shop and is exclusive to subscribers.
This is a another cuty dress :)
auTre SparkleMePurple

Visit auTre often, new items are being added weekly! so save the LM

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Revealed Secret of the Day ;)

Maybe a lot of you know this, but maybe a lot like me don't,lol,
so there you go.
A few days ago I attend a casting, and they want that we use a Mannequin Skin, I was like ??? lol, and I don't want to IM the Designer because maybe she will think: oh, if she is a model why she don't know were to find a Mannequin Skin?, lol, so, I asked to Lulu Breuer, from Fashion Institute because I remember she told something about that, and she was a sweet and sent me a LM to get it,
 and guess what? is FREE YAY!!!

< Yabusaka > Mannequin Skin (Black)
Jewels by FineSmith

So, models if you need a Mannequin Skin, here you can grab it at the Second Floor:

75% off in {*Aglaia*} @ Maritima Mall

Hiya! Yes you read well, 75% off in the Jewels at {*Aglaia*}, I was there and buy 6 sets lol, 5 for 50L each and 1 for 1L, cool!!!

On the 28th will be hosted the grand opening event and {*Aglaia*} is having a huge 75% off offer until the morning after the grand opening. This is ONLY available at Maritima not the main store.

{*Aglaia*} will also be having a style challenge on the Maritima catwalk, hopefully in September wich will consist of brand new releases.
{*Aglaia*} Animated Sparkle Mask

{*Aglaia*} Diamond Shawl with Mya Earrings

Take your Limo NOW ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New releases from Swedish Style

I just received today this weeks new releases from Swedish Style

Charlotte Calael (owner of Swedish Style) passed me the NC with the info:
"Lots of new and sexy female items! First of all I have new skin named Callia that are sold on xstreet for 15 and 25L. Nice skin for a good price! The complete avatars name is Sweden and Casey. Sweden have blue and yellow make up like the swedish flag! Casey is just a lovely quality avatar comes with tan skin blue beautiful eyes and black long flexi hair. Soon also available with prim lashes! 
Also new outfit very sexy with fishnet and tie."

Pic by Swedish Style

You can visite her store at this LM
Sweeden Avatar (Skin/Shape/Hair/Lashes/Bikini/Jewels/Eyes)

New Shoes @ Maitreya

I Loooove Maitreya, and her new shoes "Gold Hana" again is a must have (at least for me ;) and I know that a lot of you too will love them)

"Hana is an elegant high heel shoe with flower petal adornments around the back. It is available in 4 leather options, in 4 patent colors and in 4 different animal skin texture combinations.
There are also fatpack options for each of them, with all 4 colors."

You can find The Maitreya Gold Hana next to Allure, in the deeper part of the Maitreya Gold store,
just take the Limo from here :)

And of course I get mine in Silver.



WEDNESDAY - September 22, 2010

11:00am  CONVENTION KICKOFF & WELCOME - Giselle Temple
12:00pm  LADY THERA -  PREMIERE Fashion Show
 1:00pm  KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Mimmi Boa  
2:00pm  SEMINAR: Shoes: Getting the Color Right - Dancer Dalligio
3:00pm  SEMINAR: Blogging: 
The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face - Sequoia Nightfire
4:00pm  INDIA POBA Fashion Show 


THURSDAY  - September 23, 2010

12:00 pm  BLISS COUTURE -Evane  Fashion Show
1:00pm  DEMONSTRATION: Perfect Pose Preparation - Arisia Ashmoot
2:00pm   PRESENTATION: Vanity Tour Presentation - Katherine Comet
3:00pm   SEMINAR: The Ins & Outs of Photoshoots - Anabella Ravinelli 
4:00pm  BLACKLACE - PREMIERE  Fashion Show

FRIDAY - September 24, 2010 

11:00am  G SLOANE- PREMIERE  Fashion Show
12:00pm  SEMINAR:  It's Not Fashionable to be Laggy - Talyia Tarber:  
1:00pm  SEMINAR: Kay Fairey 
2:00pm SEMINAR:  History of Modeling - A Five Year Oveview  - Nemi McCoy 
3:00pm   SEMINAR: Creations of the Mind: 
Intellectual Property and Second Life - Nox  DEIGAN
4:00pm International Model Agency: Fashion Show

SATURDAY - September 25, 2010 

10:00am  SEMINAR: Intro to Mastering the Balut HUD - Monica Balut
11:00am TRES BEAU - PREMIERE  Fashion Show
12:00pm  FROLIC MILLS 
1:00pm   SEMINAR: SUPERELITE - Amber Quinzet
2:00pm   SEMINAR:  SETH Diabolito 
3:00pm  SEMINAR: The Agency / Model Relationship - Astrokris Messmer
 4:00pm  SUPERELITE Fashion Show

SUNDAY - September 26, 2010

11:00am  iC MOTIONS FASHION AGENCY Fashion Show  
12:00pm SEMINAR:  Lorelei Maggs
Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00pm   DEMONSTRATION: Studio Nails Demonstration - Anastasia Magic
3:00pm   SEMINAR:  SHAPE SHIFTING with blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00pm    PURPLEMOON - PREMIERE Fashion Show and Grand Finale


Can't miss it, will be more news about this fantastic event!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sales @ Aura

I was at Aura Store today to check the sales, and of course I have to buy the outfit on sale, the regular price is 380L and in SALE is 100L$, not bad at all and is amazing, take a look:
AURA Casual Chic in Green and Navy Paisley
Includes the Top, Jeans, Sculpted Waist Sweater and Sculpted Hat, love this outfit, is perfect for Fall.
Take a look to the store she have great designs and very detailed

If you are part of the group, you can buy the Special Group Gift for 10L.

CWS Summer Fashion Video

Take a look to the summer video from CWS, we have a lot of fun doing it :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hubby Time :)

I so inlove with my RL & my SL and the best thing is that I can share it with my RL hubby :), for his fault I'm in SL, he read a mag add once, and tell me, "why you not take a look to this Second Life thing" and I sayd, I hate chating or phone talking lol, just like to get to the point and hangup, and don't know why I look the site one day, and... almost 3 years here and LOVE IT :)

I love you baby and I'm so happy having you in my RL and my SL, is funny because I'm in a computer and he is another in the same house lol.


Fleur Orchid created Powder Room, is a different type of skin, is perfect if you want to be unique and also the advantage is that she can create you a custom skin with your requests, not bad at all :)

"*Powder Room* celebrates the middle of summer with a hot new release called Enchanted. It comes with 2 actual skins giving you cleavage or no cleavage options. The base skin does not have anything but a light blush and includes 2 free makeup tattoos! The makeup is part of our new makeup fatpack release that comes with 14 makeup combinations for only L$300! "

"The makeup is compatible with Viewer 2.0 and the latest Emerald Beta and soon to be final veiwers as well as Imprudence! This is a fantastic bargain and will work with nearly any skin out there!"

And for visit her store follow this link

Free Skin & Tatoo just TODAY at [ sYs ] Design

Ok I can't stop, I love to Blog, and more news I receive more blogs will be.
Like this one about Free Skin & Tatoo just TODAY at [ sYs ] Design

Visit the store to see unique
[Skins realistic : natural, sophisticated, futuristic]
[Tattoo] [Cyber Tattoo] [Eyes]
[Clothes : black, latex, leather, cyber, bodysuit, catsuit, ...]
[Accessories : sunglasses, armbands, leg bag, ...]

Is amazing how SL is different since I joined almost 3 years ago, and the changes that fashion did, now people use a looot more their imagination thanks to the sculpties, more textures and you can see amazing designers all around, the older ones are pioneers in the fashion industry and the new ones are taking place and name in the industry very fast.

In the pic I' wearing the [sYs] Skin - Fete des voisins and the [sYs] Tattoo - Fete des Voisins
The Hair is from Bliss Couture *Bliss Hair* Eliza Hair (Short With Fringe)

Almost FREE (lol 1L$) Silk Robe

If you are a part of Avenue Mag Readers or have a group left and want to join in, you can have this Robe from Designing Nicky Ree at Couture AVENUE, you have a joiner near the gifts, easy :)

She set out a special gift for you this week, something for the ladies and men too...
Think romance in a royal colour fit for a queen or a king in the bedroom or even double it as a top or dress.  Exquisite quality and elegantly classy.

I never think to buy or get a Robe in SL, but this one is a must have, is so pampering wear it, and is Purple my Fav color :) The same model is avaliable for you sweetie, so take the Limo and go to get it NOW ;)

Swedish Style

Today I'll start blogging about "Swedish Style" by Charlotte Calael.
In her store you can find; Clothing, Skins, Shapes, Eyes, Hair, Shoes & Animations for a reasonable price and good quality.
Her designs are very, very Sex.  I was at the store and I liked the Bunny and the Angel one, go and take a look, also have lucky boards, MM Board & Freebies.  Join the group to receive infos about New releases.
She was so kind and give me a few things and I use her skin for this pic, let me tell you, for me is hard buy skin because sometimes I don't like how to look in my face with my features but this one is great :)
 is the Swedish Style -Caelyn skin tan 001.
Visite her store at
And stay alert wil be more news about Swedish Style.

HOUSE of FOX FS at Maritima

Thank's to  LL TP's exists lol! and I can be at the 2 shows in just seconds lol, don't want to miss both shows because they was amazing and the people who organized and modeled are professionals and a lot are very good friends and is important for me in my SL and in my new modeling career and like blogger.

Again the lag was a mess, but the Models was very professionals and can deal with it, bad for me, can't take a lot of pics because they not rezzing well, but was a great event, a lot of people and HOF have unique designs.

Here you have an intro of the show and a few pics:

"We are delighted to have you all here this afternoon, for our Lingerie and Undergarments Fashion Show, organized by Mr. Fashionboi Lander, Miss Jared Jharls, Miss Stevenzuuh GossipGirl, designers/owners of the House of Fox, with poses from Miss Arisia Ashmoot, Pose-Maker/owner of Body Talking, and models from Marítima Inc., scripts by Nico Iasmertz (Marítima Inc. CEO) and Louise McWinnie (Marítima Inc. Blogger/Model).

With hours of commitment and hard work poured in, we are honored to present you with amazing designs from the House of Fox and poses from Body Talking, featuring modern Avant-Garde ensembles that are sexy, daring, bold, innovative and refreshing.
House of Fox brings us into a world of grayscale yet amazing style and detail, holding class and sensuality at the forefront of every design. We are honored to present their amazing designs today here at Marítima Inc. Fashion Mall, SL's first Avant-Garde/Futuristic shopping mall.

House of Fox store is located in Marítima mall, on 1st level, at 
Body Talking is located at Marítima Mall on 2nd level. Please visit her main store for a wider range of poses at

CWS Moda Di Roma FS

I have to start 2 post today with the same intro and I have an important reason for that :)
Thank's to LL TP's exists lol! and I can be at the 2 shows in just seconds lol, don't want to miss both shows because they was amazing and the people who organized and modeled are professionals and a lot are very good friends and is important for me in my SL and in my new modeling career and like blogger.

Amazing Show with the talented Models from CWS showing the gorgeous designs of Iwan Balog from Moda Di Roma.  The outfits have so much details, the silks, fabrics, tatoos, jewels all recreated perfectly the Mitology God & Goddes.
The Lag was soooo bad yesterday but the girls can deal with it very well.
The winner models for the Youtube Video was:

Ruby Brunsen
Lua Vendetta, 
VeronicaLynn  Parx

Yes! me too was a surprise not expected that but I'm so happy, those details make us feeling better like models and think in NOT quit when sometimes we are not get in a casting :)
You can check my pic at Mes Blog, she took a great pic, I can't I have to pose and no stop.
Take a look to the outfits, for guys are great ones too b ut can't take a pic :(,
so go to the store and check it :)
This one is backstage, lag was grrrrr and the models not load well just then lol
The Models: Brooklin, Taby, Lisana & Mesange :)

You can Visit Moda Di Roma store at CWS clicking this link

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hiya :) I was lucky today lol, I went to DESIREE'S ROSE Store to take a look, and the lucky chair not have my letter, I have to go to RL and then I back, I relog at my last location, and guess what? the Lucky Chair letter was any letter, lol, I just clicked and sit like crazy to get the outfit that she is offering during the weekend, look is very smexy :), all is included (jus not the shoes), even the jewels.
Also she have the MM Board with the new Gown, "Night Dream Starry Blue is so delicate with the look of a Medieval Maiden but fits perfectly for stroll in the garden or for dancing!
I added to the gown the following for you to wear or leave off as you desire....
Gloves, shoulder sleeves, arm ruffles, a flower wreath for your hair, modesty long sleeve bodice, and a sweetheart cut top for a modern dancing look worn alone. The color is exquisite"

Go to the Store and slap the MM Board :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

RUN!!! or better sayd TP!!!

SL have so many talented designers, is hard to know them all and visit all the stores.
Today I was at MiaMai Store and I loved the clothes there. When I suscribed to the Update group, guess what?  got a niiiice Welcome Dress.
But, that not was all, every friday at 12:00 am SLT a fix group of designers will place an item marked down to 50 L$ infront of their mainstores! 

Miamai has 2 items out, a lovely dress and 6 modelling poses for 50L each!
In both pics I'm using the poses that I get, is a great deal so go and take advantage of this offer
I really like the quality of both outfits, the white one is like a little cupcake, love it!
Use this link to get there, the 50L sales are out, infront the store, the suscriber is inside.

House of Fox Fashion Show @ Maritima August Saturday 21st, 3:00p.m. SLT

There is the info for the FS for tomorrow, DO NOT MISS IT ;)
"We would be honoured if you join us on saturday 21/8/10 at 3 pm on the rooftop runway above the Maritima Complex as we showcase Fashionboi Landar and Jared Jharls co creators of House of Fox in a spectacular Light and shadows show set at mindight settings as these 2 designers showcase their  new collection for the upcoming season.
The inspiration for the setting comes from the Grand Palais as it one of the designers most inspiring pieces of modern architecture. In conjunction Arisia Ashmoot of Body talking poses will be providing the selected poses showing sl why she is fast becoming an innovator and a leading light in the world of sl catwalk posing"

Models for this show:
Wicca Merlin
Arisia Ashmoot
Cieleste Magic
Vikeejeah Xevion
Valeria Endrizzi
Whirly Fizzle
Blackliquid Tokyoska
Seashell Dench
Darling Tommorow
Federica Gaultier
Emma Portilo
Calista Ella

Candylicious Forster
Dementia Navarita

We look forward to seeing you there!


I  love SL :) and all the nice people and groups that I knew and belong, so again I received a notice from a group, and guess what? FREE Skin YAY! 

This time is from Elaera Maven, CEO of Maven Haus,
is a different skin with a cool makeup, judge for yourself :)

Visit her store at

AUTRE by Aurora Tremont

2 days ago I blogged the cute Free little Dress from "autre", and Rory was so nice and sent me a dress just because, so there you have it.
I love it so much, thank you ;)

Please Visit her store at

But, I have to fly like crazy to "Maitreya", because I love her shoes a looot, and all in the store is on SALE now, 50% off, OMG! and bought a few shoes, I need one to match the cute dress from "autre" so I get the Maitreya Gold - Aequus Pink to match my outfit.

Take a look to the great designs at

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally I did it lol :)

Here I'm near my good friend Mes, we graduated together.

After a feeeew themed events at CWS finally I won YAY!!!
Every week the models prepare outfits and use their creativity to make an unique outfit for the event and all of them are very talented.  The theme for today was Purple, and is my fav color so I'm happy with the results.  

"Purple is royalty, a mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Because purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool color it has both warm and cool properties. A purple room can boost an artist's creativity.  The talented Blaze Columbia from "Blaze", recflected that in this creation is named "Celestial". He combined different elements to make the outfit creative, different, peacefull, outstanding and gorgeous, with a long silk skirt in Purple with stars on it, the top is exquisite, full of stars, a semi transparent fabric to add more sensuality and the amazing detail is the silver Moon and Stars in the belly and the back.

To add more details to the outfit I'm wearing Grape shoes from Maitreya, my nails and eyelashes are from CCD, the jewels are a simple but nice Diamonds from Earthstones, my skin is from Laqroki in a Purple MakeUp to match the theme and my hair is from Vixen." 

That was a part of my description for the outfit, I'm svery bad with descritptions lol.

Today the winners was:
1st. Place  Laylah Lecker    2nd. Place  ladysunfire Erin    3rd. Place  Lua Vendetta

Thank You Steve for been the judge and for all that was there to support us and for the models congrats, all did a great job today :)

SKIN for 40L$?

Well, YES! at .::Pure Poison::. I bought this nice Skin just for 40L, a very great deal, is a nice skin can be used for a Fashion Show, a party or just because, why not ;)

Take a look to the store at

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Want this cute Little FREE Dress?

I received the notice of Maritima Mall that "auTre" now has a subscrib-o-matic located at the entrance. When you Join the group you'll receive this cute lovely dress, this gift is not sold in the store, 
it is exclusive for the subscribers.

Also when you get there, take a look to the store, the prices are very affordable, 
Mini Dresses 100L, and they are so cute ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bliss Couture Fashion Show

WOW! the lag killed us but we did it, more than 65 people at the SIM but was a wonderful show and the designs was breathtaking, loved them.
The new Models of CWS haved they first Fashion Show, and they did it very well, congrats to all, and of course the other girls was amazing, like always :)

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